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Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

The Physics of Complex Systems, still a relatively young field, is developing rapidly and is constantly changing in the course of this development. This is due, firstly, to the variety of subjects ranging from new and unconventional questions in traditional areas such as solid state physics or molecular physics, all the way to physical problems in biological systems and application of physical concepts in societal contexts. Secondly, researchers in this field of complex systems develop new methods at a high rate or transpose and adapt existing ones from other fields to initiate new lines of investigation.

The goal of the Institute is to contribute to the research in the field of complex systems in a globally visible way and to promote it as a subject. Furthermore, we have set ourselves the challenge of passing on the innovation generated in the field of complex systems as quickly and efficiently as possible to the young generation of scientists at universities. This requires a high degree of creativity, flexibility and communication with universities. For this reason, the organization of the Institute differs greatly from most Max Planck Institutes.

The concept rests on two pillars: in-house research and a program for visiting scientists. The latter not only covers individual scholarships for guest scientists at the institute, but also 20 international workshops and seminars per year.


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Our service departments

support the scientists during their stay and try to assist with any wish, problem or concern.

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