Your research stay: Preparation

Between invitation and arrival there are various matters to consider and we would be glad to assist you to ensure a smooth start at our institute.

We supply the logistics and paperwork for 400 visiting scientists, for example regarding visa and residence permit application, accommodation, schools and daycare, language courses, bureaucracy and much more.

We look forward to meeting you in person and assisting you during the first days at the


Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

Visitors Program
Nöthnitzer Straße 38
01187 Dresden

phone: +49 (351) 871-1935



It is not without reason that Dresden is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, located only 2 hours from Berlin and Prague. Dresden was awarded 'City of Science' in 2006 and offers beside a vivid research landscape, a paramount art scene, and a great night and outdoor life.


Visa Guidelines

Please contact us if you need a formal invitation letter or any kind of help with visa matters. Our visa guidelines will give you some orientation.


Living in Germany

You find general information upon living in Germany, entry and residence, finance- and family-related questions here.

Accommodation and House-Hunting


The institute has four guest houses located right next to the main building providing convenient and comfortable accommodation for stays up to three months.

If you stay longer, we are glad to assist you in the house-hunting process.