The library supplies printed and electronic media and information in the scientific fields of condensed matter, finite systems, electronic correlations, biological physics and nonlinear time series analysis as well as in related scientific subjects, thus meeting the needs of the institute's research profile.

Currently, our library stock consists of about 5200 monographs, 16800 bound journal volumes and 42 scientific journal subscriptions (print and online) and will be extended by ~ 52000 online journals and ~540000 e-books licensed by MPG.

Printed scientific literature is located on the first floor of the library except for a part of our reference collection which is located in the reading room in the main building on the 2nd floor. The books are arranged by subjects.

On the ground floor of the library there is a multifunctional device to copy, scan and print for free, as well as a book scanner. Scans can be sent by e-mail, saved on a UBS stick or directly printed out. Detailed instructions can be found next to the device.

We offer a special language collection (located in the ground floor) with books for our institutes German course, books for IELTS, dictionaries and other language courses

Most of the books are available for loan.

Feel free to contact the library staff with any questions you have.


S - Mathematics

  • SB - Reference books
  • SC- -Encyclopaedia
  • SG- Biographies
  • SH - Mathematical Tables, Collection of Formulae
  • SK - Monographs

ST - Computerscience

U - Physics

  • UA - Reports of Progress
  • UB - Bibliographies
  • UC - Monographics
  • UD - Closed Series
  • UF - Mechanics
  • UG - Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Quantum Statistics
  • UH - Classical Fields
  • UK - Quantum Theory, Quantum Mechanics
  • UL - Many-Particle Theory
  • UM - Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics
  • UN - Nuclear Physics
  • UO - Elementary Particle Physics, Field Theory, High Energy Physics
  • UP - Solid States Physics
  • UQ - Crystallography
  • UR - Structure of Fluids
  • US - Astronomy, Astrophysics
  • UT - Geophysics, Metrology
  • UV - Polymer Physics
  • UX - Experimental Methods of Physics, Physical Technology

V - Chemistry

  • VC General Chemistry
  • VE - Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • VG - Analytical Chemistry
  • VH - Inorganic Chemistry
  • VK - Organic Chemistry

W - Biology

  • WB - Bibliographies, Lexica
  • WC - Physical and Chemical Methods
  • WD - Biophysics, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry
  • WE - Cytology
  • WF - Microbiology, Biotechnology, Immunology
  • WG - Genetics
  • WH - Evolution
  • WI - Ecology
  • WP-WS - Special Zoology
  • WT - Behaviour Research
  • WW - Morphology

To borrow printed books, you need a library card. You can get it in the library during the opening hours. After registration you can borrow the books via the self-check system 24h a day. The lending period is unlimited despite the due date on the receipt. You have to return the books at the latest before you leave the institute.

Outside researchers can use the collection during opening hours; but borrowing is not possible.

Please see our Library Regulations.

Articles which are not in the library collection or licensed by the MPS can be requested directly within the database by menu and the “Request this document via your local library” option.

You can also use our form.

Article Request

Please fill out all * indicates fields. Check our elibrary or the Max Planck Citation Linker to be sure that we have no free access to the paper.

Books you only need for a limited period of time can be requested as an Interlibrary Loan from another library. You can also order copies of several chapters (pdf).

Please use our form for your request.

Book Request

Please fill out all * indicated fields. If you order a chapter copy, please provide additional information in the comment field. Please use our elibrary to be sure that the book is not in our collection.

Offline usage of eBooks

There are different conditions to use eBooks offline. Most of consortia eBooks (source MPG eBooks) are available without any limit in access and download. Institutional eBooks are under different terms and conditions. So they could be limited in multiple access and offline usage. Some eBooks have a special DRM code and can only be downloaded with Adobe Digital Design. To use the program Adobe Digital Edition on your workstation, please contact the IT Department.

External access to electronic resources

Employees of the institute are able to use licensed resources like databases, eJournals and eBooks from outside our IP range. For this, you can use our Remote Access. After login with your pks/ cluster username and password, you get an overview of all licensed resources. Alternatively, you might like to log in via Remote Access or VPN (for the latter please contact the IT Department).