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Public Outreach

The institute's mission is to provide a platform for the emergence, exchange and development of creative ideas in research. While mainly focusing on scientists, this also includes potential future scientists, i.e., high school students, teachers, as well as the general public interested in science. Within our school-contact program we offer workshops for high school teachers, winter schools for high school students, and lectures at schools in order to spread the fascination of science as it happens. The mpipks has been awarded the Max-Planck-Preis für öffentliche Wissenschaft 2000 for its efforts in this area of public relations.

Since 1999, mpipks coordinates, together with the TU Dresden and the City of Dresden, the lecture series Science in the Theater, aiming at a public interested in science. Well-known scientists are invited to give lectures for the broad public, which are intended to popularize modern research.

Furthermore, coordinators of workshops are encouraged to offer one public evening lecture at mpipks, in the course of the workshop.


Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

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Public Outreach
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