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Please consider this page only as a note on frequently asked questions. Please carefully check the entry requirements from your home country with the nearest German diplomatic mission (embassy, consulate) which you find on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Visa applications have to be filed with the German embassy/consulate in your home country. Visas are connected to a particular purpose of stay in Germany (i.e. scientific research, studying, business visit, tourist, etc.).

Note: Do NOT enter Germany on a tourist visa if you want to work at mpipks, or if you plan to stay in Germany for more than three months. The purpose of stay noted in the visa cannot be changed once you entered Germany.

If you visit the mpipks for less than three months you might consider to apply for a Schengen visa. This visa gives you the opportunity to travel within the European states of the Schengen Agreement freely.


Joint as well as subsequent immigration of spouses are bound to several preconditions. Please see the German Residence Act, Section 30 and contact your German diplomatic mission for country-specific regulations.
Be aware that marriage certificates as well as birth certificates (of spouses and children) might need official legalizations, a so-called apostille. Please contact your German diplomatic mission for country-specific regulations.
Please make sure that you always carry the originals and the official legalizations with you when entering Germany.