Interdisciplinary challenges in non-equilibrium physics: from soft to active, biological and complex matter

International Workshop
22 - 26 April 2024

Interdisciplinary challenges in non-equilibrium physics: from soft to active, biological and complex matter (IntCha24) is a workshop aimed at early career researchers to bring together novel ideas and diverse expertise to address complex physical and biological systems in an interdisciplinary manner, bridging the gaps between out-of-equilibrium physics and traditional soft matter, between theory and experiments, between simplified models and the intricacies of biological systems.

Topics include

  • Gels and polymers
  • Collective phenomena/ field theories
  • Cells and tissues
  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Nano/MicroFluidics
  • Beyond collective phenomena
  • Living polymers
  • Information in biology
  • Functionalized colloids
  • Topological active matter
  • Microorganisms

Confirmed invited speakers

Daniel Amor (FR)
Ricard Alert (DE)
Aleksandra Ardaseva (DK)
Nicolas Bain (FR)
Eva Bertosin (NL)
Sumitabha Brahmachari (US)
Alexandra Colin (FR)
Javier Diaz (ES)
Gianmaria Falasco (IT)
Federica Ferretti (US)
Giulia Garcia Lorenzana (FR)
Isabella Graf (US)
Louise Head (UK)
Sophie Herrmann (DE)
Asja Jelic (IT)
Yann-Edwin Keta (NL)
Stefania Ketzetzi (CH)
Lara Koehler (DE)
Mirna Kramar (FR)
Dario Lucente (IT)
Pepjin Moerman (NL)
Guiseppe Negro (IT)
Loreto Oyarte (NL)
Nicola Pellicciotta (IT)
Aurore Picot (FR)
Guillermina Ramirez-San-Juan (CH)
Clare Rees-Zimmerman (UK)
Michael Riedl (DE)
Paul Robin (AT)
Sophie Roman (FR)
Lorenzo Rovigatti (IT)
Eleonora Secchi (CH)
Gianmarco Spera (FR)
Michael Te Vrugt (DE)
Valeria Venturini (ES)


Scientific Coordinators

Xiaowen Chen (FR)
Melissa Rinaldin (DE)
Alfredo Sciortino (FR)

Scientific Committee
Lorenzo Caprini (DE)
Pasquale Digregorio (ES)
Giada Forte (UK)
Emmanuel Joseph (FR)
Sophie Marbach (FR)
Alfonso Perez Escudero (FR)


Christina Kuß

(MPIPKS Dresden)


Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form. The application deadline is 15 February 2024. The number of attendees is limited.

The registration fee for the international workshop is 200 Euro and should be paid by all participants.

Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute.

Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.

Scientific Program

Program structure:

Sunday, 21st April - arrival (recommended)

Monday, 22nd April - 2pm program start

Friday, 26th April - noontime program closure & departure

The detailed program will be available by mid March 2024, approximately.

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