Former Groups

Former groups & group leaders and their present position

Self-Organization of Biological Structures (Jan Brugues)
Quantum Matter - Transport and Dynamics (Jens H. Bardarson)
Topology and Correlations in Condensed Matter (Frank Pollmann)
Quantum Optics with X-Rays (Nina Rohringer)
Motor Systems (Stephan Grill)
Computational Quantum Many-Body Systems (Emanuell Gull)
Many-Body Effects in Mesoscopic Systems (Martina Hentschel, Emmy Noether Group)
Dynamics of Biological Networks (Thilo Gross)
Molecular Quantum Optics (Klaus Hornberger)
Nonlinear Processes in Strong Fields (Andreas Becker)
Biological Physics of Olfaction (Martin Zapotocky)
Nonlinear Dynamics in Quantum Systems (Andreas Buchleitner)
Physics of Biological and Soft Matters (Ralf Everaers)
Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Processes (Markus Bär)
Mesoscopic Systems (Klaus Richter)