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Workshops & Seminars

School for Master Students

Quantum Dynamics - Fundamentals and Realizations

Scientific coordinators: Marin Bukov, Pieter Claeys, Roderich Moessner
Organisation: Anna Burgerweiterlesen

Quantum Materials in the Quantum Information Era

Scientific Coordinators: Joe Checkelsky, Qimiao Si, Roser Valenti
Organisation: Mandy Locharweiterlesen
Seminar and Workshop

Non-autonomous Dynamics in Complex Systems: Theory and Applications to Critical Transitions

Scientific Coordinators: Peter Ashwin, Ulrike Feudel, Michael Ghil
Organisation: Claudia Domaschkeweiterlesen

Atomic Physics 2023

Scientific Coordinators: Jan-Michael Rost
Organisation: Kristin Paskeweiterlesen

Chemotaxis – from basic physics to biology

Scientific Coordinators: Robert Insall, Juliane Simmchen