Collective Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Physics: From Quantum Matter to Light

Application and Letter of Reference

The application deadline is 1 July 2024.

In order for your application to be considered, please follow the three steps below:

  1. Please fill in the application form

  2. Upload your CV, motivational letter (max. one A4-page) and your university transcripts (full transcripts from your bachelor's degree, and all master's transcripts up until 1 April 2024) as one PDF-file here

  3. We require one confidential letter of reference. Please provide your referee with the following link where they can upload their letter directly:


We plan for an on-site school. The registration fee is 80 Euro; costs for accommodation, and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute.


If you have any questions regarding the process, please reach out to quant24[at]pks.mpg(dot)de.


Topics include

  • Nonequilibrium Physics
  • Quantum Simulation
  • Quantum Matter
  • Topology in Physics
  • Numerical Methods in Quantum Physics

Invited speakers

A. Browaeys (Institut d'Optique)
A. Chandran (Boston University)
A. Cook (MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems)
C. Hooley (MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems)
S. V. Kusminskiy (RWTH Aachen)
J. Leonard (TU Vienna)
A. Mackenzie (MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids)
F. Marquardt (MPI for the Science of Light)

H. Noad (MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids) 
S. Parameswaran (University of Oxford)
F. Piazza (University of Augsburg)
M. Schmitt (University of Regensburg)
N. Tang (University of Augsburg)
U. Vool (MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids)
A. Wietek (MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems)
L. Ye (Caltech)