Quantum Materials in the Quantum Information Era

International Workshop
25 - 29 September 2023

This one week workshop will bring together communities working on topics in
quantum materials potentially relevant to quantum information for an intense
exchange. We will highlight the progress and prospects for advancement across
a variety of quantum material platforms meant to promote exchange of ideas in
this nascent area.
There will be nine sessions comprised of invited talks in quantum magnetism,
2D systems, and novel topological electronic systems including combined topics
and recent developments. Junior participants will have the opportunity to present
a poster as well as the chance to be selected for a contributed talk. Significant time
is dedicated to discussion within the workshop.

Topics include

  • Quantum Magnetism
  • Probing Entanglement in Quantum Spin Systems
  • Topology and Quantum Magnets
  • Low-Dimensional Systems
  • Edge Mode Entanglement
  • Moiré Quantum Matter
  • Novel Topological Electronic Systems
  • Topological Superconductors
  • Entanglement in Kondo Systems

Invited speakers

*to be confirmed
Peter Abbamonte (US)
Jason Alicea* (US)
Mitali Banerjee (CH)
Andrei Bernevig (US)
Silke Bühler-Paschen (AT)
Claudia Felser (DE)
Rebecca Flint (US)
Elena Hassinger (DE)
Andrew Higginbotham (AT)
Haoyu Hu (ES)
Hae-Young Kee (CA)
Yong-Baek Kim (CA)
Johannes Knolle (DE)
Frank Koppens (ES)
Bella Lake (DE)
Yoshi Maeno (JP)
Michael Manfra (US)
Roderich Moessner (DE)
Martin Mourigal (US)
Raquel Queiroz (US)
Aline Ramires Neves de Oliveira (CH)
Ady Stern (IL)
Hidenori Takagi (DE)
Alan Tennant (US)
Nandini Trivedi (US)

Scientific Coordinators

Joseph Checkelsky
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,USA)

Qimiao Si
(Rice University, Houston, USA)

Roser Valentí
(Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)


Mandy Lochar
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)



Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form.
The application deadline for on-site participation is 30th June 2023.

The number of attendees is limited. The registration fee for the international workshop is 200€  and should be paid by all participants. Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute. Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.

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Scientific Program

Monday, 25th September 2023, registration 07:30 to 16:30
Monday, 25th September, 09:30 to Friday, 29th September 2023, 13:00: scientific program

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