Control of Ultrafast (Attosecond and Strong Field) Processes Using Structured Light



Moved from 2020 to 2023 due to Covid-19.

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Seminar & Focus Workshop
June 26 - July 14, 2023

Attosecond and strong field physics are evolving in new directions, unified by the concept of lightwave electronics: from the generation of structured pulses with tailored angular momentum properties, the control of the enantiosensitive electronic response in chiral molecules, the study of non-linear properties of solid-state materials, to the generation and application of electron matter-wave vortices.

Topics include

  • ultrafast quantum dynamics with vector beams
  • ultrafast lightwave electronics, valleytronics and spintronics
  • chirality and topology in non-linear and ultrafast light-matter interaction
  • generation, control, and application of electron matter-wave vortices
  • high harmonic generation in solid-state materials and structured targets
  • generation of attosecond pulses with tailored angular momentum properties
  • attosecond spectroscopy of electron dynamics in solids
  • ultrafast electronic and vibronic response of chiral molecules
  • ultrafast magnetism driven by structured light beams
  • generation of coherent structured x-rays

Invited speakers

Ayuso, David (DE)
Bandrauk, André D. (CA)
Batelaan, Herman (US)
Bauer, Dieter (DE)
Berakdar, Jamal (DE)
Bian, Xue-Bin (CN)
Brabec, Thomas (CA)
Burgdoerfer, Joachim (AT)
Centurion, Martin (US)
Chen, Ming-Chang  (TW)
Cohen, Oren (IL)
Dorney, Kevin M. (US)
Dudovich, Nirit (IL)
Durfee, Charles (US)
Fennel, Thomas  (DE)
Ferreira da Silva, Rui Emanuel (ES)
Frolov, Mikhail (RU)
Gaarde, Mette (US)
Greene, Chris (US)
Huber, Rupert (DE)
Ishikawa, Kenichi (JP)
Jiménez Galán, Álvaro (DE)
Kazamias, Sophie (FR)
Khokhlova, Margarita (UK)
L'Huillier, Anne (SE)
Lein, Manfred (DE)
Lin, Chii-Dong (US)
Madsen, Lars Bojer (DK)
Martin, Fernando (ES)
Milosevic, Dejan B. (BA)
Morishita, Toru (JP)
Murnane, Margaret (US)
Ordoñez, Andrés (DE)
Patchkovskii, Serguei (DE)
Paulus, Gerhard G. (DE)
Peng, Liang-You (CN)
Picón, Antonio (ES)
Pisanty, Emilio (ES)
Plaja, Luis (ES)
Popmintchev, Tenio (US)
Quéré, Fabien (FR)
Reis, David (US)
Ruchon, Thierry (FR)
Schafer, Kenneth (US)
Smirnova, Olga (DE)
Vampa, Giulio (US)
Witte, Stefan (NL)
Wollenhaupt, Matthias (DE)




Scientific Coordinators

Carlos Hernández-Garcia
(Universidad de Salamanca, Spain)

Mikhail Yu. Ivanov
(Max-Born-Institut , Berlin, Germany)


The conference will have a session dedicated to
the memory and scientific contributions of
Prof. Anthony Starace who was also instrumental in
laying the foundation for this event.

Members of the scientific committee

Jean Marcel Ngoko-Djiokap
(University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA)

Katarzyna Krajewska
(University of Warsaw, Poland)

Maria Richter
(Max-Born-Institut, Berlin)

Laura Rego 
(Universidad de Salamanca, Spain)


Visitors Program
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


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The call for applications is closed.

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Scientific program structure

seminar period - 26 June to 2 July 2023
focus workshop - 3 to 5 July 2023
seminar period - 6 to 14 July 2023

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