Decomposing Multivariate Information in Complex Systems

International Workshop
05 - 09 June 2023

Information decomposition seeks to partition the total information provided by a set of sources into its unique, redundant and synergistic components, a task that is not addressed by Shannon’s information theory. This workshop aims to bring together the entire community of researchers working on this problem into a single venue for the first time.

Topics include

  • Historical background
  • Existing progress on information decomposition
  • Novel measures and approaches
  • Lattices and algebraic structures
  • Continued development of existing approaches
  • Quantifying computation, emergence and causality in physical systems
  • Applications in neuroscience
  • Information decomposition for robotics and AI
  • Biological and biology-inspired applications

Invited speakers

Nihat Ay (DE)
Randall Beer (US)
Jürgen Jost (DE)
Artemy Kolchinsky (JP)
Joseph Lizier (AU)
Daniele Marinazzo (BE)
Eckehard Olbrich (DE)
Stefano Panzeri (DE)
Daniel Polani (UK)
Viola Priesemann (DE)
Fernando Rosas (UK)
Elad Schneidman (IL)
Greg Ver Steeg (US)
Raul Vicente (EE)
Patricia Wollstadt (DE)

Scientific Coordinators

Conor Finn
Leipzig, DE

Ari Pakman
Beer Sheva, IL

Michael Wibral
Göttingen, DE


Claudia Domaschke

MPIPKS Dresden


Poster [pdf-file]


We aim for an in-person workshop with all participants on-site.

Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form.

The application deadline is 31st March 2023.

The registration fee is 140 Euro and should be paid by all

The number of attendees is limited.

Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute.

Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.

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Scientific Program

We plan for a 5-day workshop from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, with arrival on Sunday (4th June).

The detailed scientific program of the workshop will be available by mid May 2023.

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