Electronic Correlations and Beyond
- in Memory of Peter Fulde

International Workshop
3 - 5 October 2024

In remembrance of Peter Fulde, MPIPKS will hold a scientific meeting entitled "Electronic Correlations -- in memory of Peter Fulde". We aim to bring together scientists who have been influenced by Peter Fulde.

The core of the programme will consist of scientific presentations but there will also be an opportunity to celebrate Peter's life and achievements and to share memories.

We plan an on-site workshop. Talks will exclusively be presented on-site.


all aspects of electronic correlations, including

  • superconductivity
  • magnetism
  • heavy fermions
  • many-electron wavefunctions

List of participants (incomplete)

I. Allekotte (AR)
Y. Bang (KR)
W. Brenig (DE)
B. Dora (HU)
I. Eremin (DE)
S. Flach (KR)
K. Hallberg (AR)
S. Kettemann (DE)
G. Khalliulin (DE)
N. Kirova (FR)
M. Laad (IN)
B. Mehlig (SE)
W. Metzner (DE)
N. Perkins (US)
F. Pollmann (DE)
N. Shannon (JP)
F. Steglich (DE/CN)
P. Thalmeier (DE)
S. Tornow (DE)
J. van den Brink (DE)
J. Wosnitza (DE)
T. Ziman (FR)
G. Zwicknagl (DE)

Scientific Coordinators

Frank Jülicher
Roderich Moessner
Jan-Michael Rost

(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, Germany)


Katrin Lantsch

(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, Germany)


Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form. The application deadline is 10th June 2024. The number of attendees is limited.

The registration fee for the international workshop is 100 Euro and should be paid by all participants.

Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute.

Scientific Program Structure

Thursday, 3rd October 2024, registration 09:00 to 16:30
Thursday, 3rd October, 13:30 to Saturday, 5th October, 13:00: scientific program

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