Topology and non-equilibrium dynamics in engineered quantum systems

Workshop Report

The workshop "Topology and non-equilibrium dynamics in engineered quantum systems”, organized by and at the
Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS) in Dresden together with the DFG Research Unit FOR2414
on “Artificial Gauge Fields and Interacting Topological Phases in Ultracold Atoms”, was a great success.
Thanks to the highly professional organization and great commitment by Mandy Lochar and the excellent technical support by Ronny Börner, more than 184 participants (61 on site as well as another 123 online) enjoyed inspiring presentations covering diverse subjects
at the boundary between non-equilibrium quantum dynamics on the one hand and topological aspects of quantum systems on the other.
In total 16 invited and 13 contributed talks reported both on theoretical and experimental results. Thanks to the rather large number of contributed talks (30 minutes including discussions), the workshop could raise the visibility especially also of young participants.
To further enhance interactions between participants there were two poster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evening, as well as an excursion to Meißen and a conference dinner on Wednesday.
Topics that were covered in this workshop include, inter alia, the Floquet engineering of topological sates of matter, non-Hermitian quantum systems, topologically-ordered states of matter, the robustness of topological properties under quantum quenches and the topological properties of open quantum systems. Moreover, diverse experimental platforms of engineered quantum systems, were addressed, such as ultracold atomic quantum gases, superconducting qubits, Moiré materials and exciton-polariton systems. Lively discussions both after the presentations, during the poster sessions and during the breaks were observed and, hopefully, inspired fruitful future research. 


Monika Aidelsburger, André Eckardt, Walter Hofstetter
November 23, 2022