Interdisciplinary life of microbes: from single cells to multicellular aggregates

Moved from 2020 to 2022 due to Covid-19


International Workshop 07 - 11 November 2022

Bacteria switch from a nomadic form of life to biofilms when they come in contact with surfaces. Biofilms are complex and robust multicellular communities of bacteria that can be either detrimental, leading to severe infections, or beneficial, such as in plant-microbe associations. Once formed, biofilms are extremely hard to eradicate. Forming virtually on any surface and thus affecting numerous aspects of human life, biofilm research calls for an interdisciplinary effort. This workshop will bring together experts from biology, experimental and theoretical biophysics, and medicine to encourage lively discussions on the multifaceted topic of biofilms.

Topics include

  • Biofilm structure, mechanics, and rheology
  • Cell differentiation and multicellularity
  • Communication in biofilms: quorum sensing and signaling
  • Biofilm extracellular matrix
  • Functional amyloids
  • Biofilms in medicinal settings 
  • Antibiotic resistance of biofilms
  • Biofilm imaging: seeing through the film
  • Biofilm ecology and evolution
  • Theoretical modeling and simulations

Invited speakers

N. Balaban (IL)
E. Banin (IL)
A. Be‘er (IL)
S. Ben-Yehuda (IL)
N. Biais (US)
Ch. Bogdan (DE)
M. Chapman (US)
H. Chaté (FR)
K. Daniels (US)
M. Delcea (DE)
K. Drescher (DE)
Y. Dufrêne (BE)
G. Duménil (FR)
A. Eldar (IL)
U. Endesfelder (DE)
A. Friedler (IL)
R. Golestanian (DE)
V. Gordon (US)
S. Grill (DE)
M. Hannig (DE)
S. Häußler (DE)
R. Hengge (DE)
N. Henry (FR)
F. Jülicher (DE)
R. Kishony (IL)
S. Klumpp (DE)
R. Kolter (US)
M. Landau (IL)
B. Maier (DE)
M. Meijler (IL)
H. Oschkinat (DE)
V. Pelicic (UK)
B. Sabass (DE)
P. Silberzan (FR)
V. Sourjik (DE)
G. Wong (US)

Scientific Coordinators

Liraz Chai

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Elizabeth Shank

University of Massachusetts Medical School


Vasily Zaburdaev

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Claudia Domaschke

MPI-PKS Dresden


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