Chemical Coding at the Atomic Scale: Designing Hybrid and Quantum Nanostructures for Applications in Optical Biosensing, Light Harvesting, Chiral Catalysis, and More

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International Workshop
19 - 23 August 2024

Why Chemical Coding? Chemical coding refers to tailoring the functionality of a material at the atomic level. It is critical for innumerable materials technologies including, for example, semiconductor heterostructures for electronics and optoelectronics (e.g. GaAs-AlAs, GaN-InGaN, Si-SiO2), the development of drugs and bio-testing systems (e.g. antigen gold-nanoparticle strips for Covid 2019 virus detection), and many others. We will bring together world experts on the physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials, with a focus on their optical and quantum properties, as well as many young promising researchers.

Topics include

  • Physical properties of nanocrystals with the structure controlled at the atomic level
  • Multi-component nanoscale objects assembled using bio-coding
  • Many-body interactions between building blocks in such assemblies
  • Resulting optical, light-harvesting, and sensor applications
  • Chiral nanocrystals for biosensing
  • Theoretical models including a wide spectrum of theoretical methods: ab initio approaches such as density-functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent DFT (TD-DFT), molecular dynamics (MD), and model- and field-theory-Hamiltonians

Confirmed invited speakers

Oscar Avalos Ovando (US)
Ilko Bald (DE)
Thomas Basché (DE)
Nadja-Carola Bigall (DE)
Klaus Boldt (DE)
Xue-Wen Chen (CN)
Volkan Demir (SG)
Dirk Dorfs (DE)
Alexander Efros (US)
Steven Erwin (US)
Jochen Feldmann (DE)
Andreas Fery (DE)
Wolfgang Fritzsche (DE)
Dirk Guldi (DE)
Juan Herranz Salaner (CH)
Nicola Hüsing (AT)
Christian Klinke (DE)
Maxim Kovalenko (CH)
Jannika Lauth (DE)
Xiuling Li (US)
Gil Markovich (IL)
Alf Mews (DE)
Delia Milliron (US)
Paul Mulvaney (AU)
Markus Niederberger (CH)
David Norris (CH)
Andrey Rogach (HK)
Marcus Scheele (DE)
William Shih (US)
Yoshihiko Togawa (JP)
Mona Treguer-Delapierre (FR)
Sergio Ulloa (US)
Daniel Vanmaekelbergh (NL)
Yana Vaynzof (DE)
T. Vossmeyer (DE)
Itamar Willner (IL)



Scientific coordinators

Steven Erwin
(Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, USA)

Alexander Eychmüller
(Dresden, DE)

Alexander Govorov
(Athens, USA)


Katrin Lantsch
(MPIPKS Dresden)


Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form. Applications received before 17th June 2024 are considered preferentially. The number of attendees is limited.

The registration fee for the international workshop is 200 Euro and should be paid by all participants.

Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute.

Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.

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Scientific program structure

Monday, 19th August 2024, registration 08:00 to 16:30
Monday, 19th August, 10:00 to Friday, 23rd August, noon: scientific program


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