NZIAS-MPIPKS Tandem Workshops

ETW Program of NZIAS and MPIPKS

The program is initiated for four years (2014-2017) in order to conduct
exploratory workshops and seminars in Auckland and Dresden on current topics in
the field of Nonlinear Physics at the Nanoscale.

The Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden (MPIPKS)
has an established 20 years activity record. It is a world’s leading centre for the
Physics of Complex Systems in diverse areas as the physics of atoms, molecules,
condensed matter, and biological systems. It hosts up to twenty workshops and
seminars annually, which attract nearly fifteen hundred visitors from all around the
world. The Institute provides an ideal venue for the exchange of ideas among senior
scientists, young researchers and students.

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study (NZIAS) in Auckland is a young
research institute of Massey University (MU), which was founded five years ago on
MU’s newly created and quickly growing Auckland campus. It aspires to be a
leading centre for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry in the sciences
(mathematics, physics, biology). It encourages and supports fundamental scholarship
by its professoriate and young scholars, and is characterised by interdisciplinary
clusters of elite scholars with the ambition and capability to lead New Zealand's
cultivation and generation of knowledge. It is aiming to build a reference space for
creative and strong interacting workshops and seminars.