Quantum Ferromagnetism and Related Phenomena

International Workshop
6 - 10 May 2019

The ferromagnetic transition at zero temperature was the first quantum phase transition to be considered. It remains an active topic of research that also has led to the discovery of many unusual properties of the adjacent phases. This workshop will bring together leading researchers to discuss quantum ferromagnetism and its interplay with other types of order, in particular antiferromagnetism and superconductivity.

Topics include

  • First-order vs continuous quantum phase transitions
  • Competing orders in quantum magnets
  • Quantum multicritical points
  • Ferromagnetic superconductors
  • Effects of quenched disorder
  • Anomalous transport behavior in quantum magnets
  • Quantum Griffiths effects
  • Phase separation near first-order transitions
  • Low-dimensional quantum magnets

Invited speakers

D. Aoki (JP)
M. Aronson (CA)
M. Baenitz (DE)
R. Baumbach (US)
D. Braithwaite (FR)
N. Butch (US)
A. Chubukov (US)
T. Cichorek (PL)
A. de Visser (NL)
S. Friedemann (UK)
V. Fritsch (DE)
C. Geibel (DE)
A. Green (UK)
M. Grosche (UK)
S. Hayden (UK)
K. Ishida (JP)
M. Janoschek (CH)
A. Jesche (DE)
T.R. Kirkpatrick (US)
K. Kliemt (DE)
G. Knebel (FR)
H. Kotegawa (JP)
C. Krellner (DE)
F. Krüger (UK)
S.-S. Lee (CA)
M.T. Mercaldo (IT)
P. Niklowitz (UK)
C. O'Neill (UK)
N. Perkins (US)
H. Pfau (US)
C. Pfleiderer (DE)
A. Pourret (FR)
A. Rost (UK)
B.C. Sales (US)
A. Schroeder (US)
D. Sokolov (DE)
G.R. Stewart (US)
V. Taufour (US)
Y. Uemura (US)
M. Vojta (DE)
T. Vojta (US)
H. von Löhneysen (DE)
M.M. Wysokinski (PL)
H. Yuan (CN)


Scientific Coordinators

Dietrich Belitz
(University of Oregon, Eugene, USA)

Manuel Brando
(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany)

Andrew Huxley
(University of Edinburgh, UK)


Katrin Lantsch
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


The deadline for applications was 10 February 2019. The participants list is closed.


Scientific program structure

Sunday, 5th May: Registration and welcome reception
Monday, 6th May, 08:45 to Friday, 10th May, 16:30: Workshop program


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