Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers

Workshop Report

The MPI-PKS focus workshop Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers took place from 25-28 April 2022. It provided a platform for discussion of new approaches and advances in quantum computation and simulation with a focus on the use of near-term technology. The workshop was held in a hybrid-virtual format with around 60 participants, with the majority of talks given in-person. The format included 13 invited talks over the two and a half day program, with the addition of 12 short “lightning talks” contributed by the participants.

With the help of the hybrid format, the workshop hosted an international collection of speakers from the USA, Australia, Israel, UK, and across Europe. The senior speakers and participants are among the leading scientists performing cutting-edge research in the scope of the workshop. Importantly, the majority of the high quality contributed lightning talks were from young researchers.

The junior participants were a core component of the workshop. Not only those giving excellent presentations, but also by actively engaging in discussions in breaks and during the workshop dinners. It was a great pleasure to meet researchers, both new and established, in this growing field.

Given the high quality contributions from both senior and young researchers from around the world, and the accompanying active discussions, we believe the goal of the workshop was clearly achieved. The breadth of the topics within this focus area — covering theoretical and experimental aspects of digital and analogue quantum computation, simulation, and quantum information — demonstrates how the workshop successfully brought together the wider research community in this field.