Chaos and Dynamics in Correlated Quantum Matter

International Workshop
19 - 22 March 2018

The dynamics of complex systems is apparently irriversible, seemingly in contradiction with the intrinsic reversibility of the microscopic laws of nature. The effective formation of an arrow of time by complex dynamics is an ongoing debate lasting over more than a century. Chaos plays a crucial role in resolving this paradox, and the past decade has seen a great revival of interest in this question concerning the foundations of quantum statistical mechanics and how chaos arises in quantum many-body systems due to enormous computational, theoretical and experimental progress in the field. Important milestones are theoretical findings involving the long sought demonstration that many-body localization (MBL) exists as well as the derivation of exact bounds on chaos and the discovery of spontaneous time translation symmetry breaking. On the experimental side, significant advances have been made in the study of cold atomic gases which provide examples of closed macroscopic quantum systems for which the foundational questions of quantum statistical mechanics are particularly relevant.

Topics include

  • Dynamics of quantum information
  • Out-of-time-order correlation
  • Dynamic entanglement formation
  • Quantum thermalization
  • Novel quantum phases out of equilibrium
  • Spatio-temporal orders
  • Efficient numerical simulation of quantum many-body dynamics
  • Many-body localization

Invited speakers

Dmitry Abanin (Geneva, Switzerland)
Vincenzo Alba (Trieste, Italy)
Yevgeny Bar Lev (Rehovot, Israel)
Subhro Bhattacharjee (Bengaluru, India)
Janez Bonca (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Balázs Dóra (Budapest, Hungary)
Lara Faoro (Paris, France)
Lea Ferreira dos Santos (New York, USA)
Sergej Flach (Daejeon, South Korea)
Victor Galitski (College Park, USA)
Alexey V. Gorshkov (College Park, USA)
Andrew G. Green (London, UK)
Vedika Khemani (Cambridge, USA)
Michael Knap (Garching, Germany)
Jorge Kurchan (Paris, France)
Achilleas Lazarides (Dresden, Germany)
Hong Liu (Cambridge, USA)
Adam Nahum (Oxford, UK)
Tomaž Prosen (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Tibor Rakovszky (Garching, Germany)
Mukund Rangamani (Davis, USA)
Peter Reimann (Bielefeld, Germany)
Klaus Richter (Regensburg, Germany)
Marcos Rigol (University Park, USA)
Sthitadhi Roy (Oxford, UK)
Adam Smith (Cambridge, UK)
Shivaji Sondhi (Princeton, USA)
Curt von Keyserlingk (Birmingham, UK)
Thorsten Wahl (Oxford, UK)
Gergely Zarand (Budapest, HU)

Scientific Coordinators

David Luitz
(Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany)

Roderich Moessner
(Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany)

Frank Pollmann
(Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany)


Katrin Lantsch
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


The deadline for applications was 31 January 2018. The participants list is closed.


Scientific program

Sunday, 18th March: Registration and welcome reception
Monday, 19th March, 09:15 to Thursday, 22nd March, 16:00: Workshop program and discussions

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