Critical Stability of Quantum Few-Body Systems

International School & Workshop
9 - 20 October 2017

Workshop week: 16 - 20 October 2017

The lectures in the school will introduce basic few-body techniques understandable for mature master students. It will serve as an introduction to the following  workshop. The interdisciplinary workshop will focus on the properties of weakly bound few-body quantum states at the edge of stability, and aim at exchanging information between different subfields where the same concepts
and techniques are used.

Topics include

       Topics during school:

  • Few-body techniques using coordinate space for bound and continuum states
  • Few-body techniques using momentum space for bound and continuum states
  • Universality in few-body systems
  • One- and two-dimensional systems

    Topics during workshop:
  • Universality or Efimov physics
  • Finite-range corrections to Efimov physics
  • From few to many degrees of freedom
  • One- and two-dimensional systems
  • Dimensional crossover
  • Multicomponent systems
  • Dynamic evolution
  • Reactions with weakly bound systems
  • Mathematical problems

Invited speakers

*to be confirmed

Barnea, Nir (IL)
Blume, Doerte (US)
Busch, Thomas (JP)
Chin, Cheng (US)
Crespo, Raquel (PT)
Cui, Xiaoling (CN)
Deltuva, Arnoldas (LT)
D'Incao, Jose (US)
Dörner, Reinhard (DE)
Foerster, Angela (BR)
González Lezana, Tomás (ES)
Gridnev, Dmitri (DE)
Hammer, Hans-Werner  (DE)  
Harshman, Nathan L. (US)
Higa, Renato (BR)   
Hiyama, Emiko (JP)
Kokkelmans, Servaas (NL)
Kolganova, Elena (RU)
Landua, Rolf (CH)*
Lazauskas, Rimantas (FR)
Naidon, Pascal (JP)
Nishida, Yusuke (JP)
Okopinska, Anna (PL)
Petrov, Dmitri (FR)
Segovia, Jorge (DE)
Shimoura, Susumu (JP)
Stipanovic, Petar (HR)
Tan, Shina (US)
Tumino, Aurora (IT)
Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo (ES)
Viviani, Michelle (IT)
Volosniev, Artem (DE)
Yu, Zhenhua (CN)


Garrido Bellido, Eduardo (ES)
Gattobigio, Mario (FR)
Valiente, Manuel (GB)
Yamashita, Marcelo (BR)



Scientific Coordinators

Tobias Frederico
(Aeronautic Institute of Technology, Brasil)

Aksel Stenholm Jensen
(Aarhus University, Denmark)

Alejandro Kievsky
(University of Pisa, Italy)

Jean-Marc Richard
(University of Lyon, France)


Maria de Haas
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


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All participants have to pay the registration fee of 120€.


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