Real-time Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

Virtual International Workshop
08 - 09 April 2020

Recent developments have opened up new avenues in characterizing and probing the real-time dynamics of quantum matter far from equilibrium. This short workshop aims at bringing together scientists in the field to give an overview over recent progress and future research directions.

The virtual format of the workshop is designed to provide a platform to reinforce scientific exchange during the present times characterized by severe travel constraints.

Topics include

  • Floquet physics
  • Ergodic dynamics
  • Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis and its violations
  • Dynamics in Rydberg systems
  • Dynamics in systems with local constraints

Invited speakers

Dima Abanin (Geneva, CH)
Antoine Browaeys (Paris, FR)

Paul Fendley (Oxford, UK)
Nicolas Laflorencie (Toulouse, FR)

Guido Pagano (Houston, US)

Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston, US)

Federica Maria Surace (Trieste, IT)
Juan-Diego Urbina (Regensburg, DE)




Scientific Coordinators

Markus Heyl

MPI-PKS Dresden

Francesco Piazza

MPI-PKS Dresden

Marcello Dalmonte

ICTP Trieste


Visitors Program
MPI-PKS Dresden