Emergent Hydrodynamics in Condensed Matter and
High-energy Physics

International Workshop
2 - 6 May 2022

Hydrodynamics is one of the cornerstones of physics. Recent revival of interests in hydrodynamics comes from the heavy-ion collisions and transport experiments in semimetals. The goal of the workshop is to bring together the communities of high-energy and condensed matter physicists and to stimulate interdisciplinary scientific exchange.

Topics include

  • conditions under which the hydrodynamic regime can be accessed in materials
  • new proposals for experimental signatures of fluid mechanics in metals
  • three-dimensional formalism for fluids in metals
  • hydrodynamic/ballistic cross-over in electronic hydrodynamics
  • experimental signatures of field theory anomalies in macrosopic systems
  • properties of chiral kinetic theories
  • experimental signatures of Hall viscosity in materials
  • active systems with Hall viscosity
  • numerical methods in hydrodynamic systems with broken parity/time reversal
  • properties of relativistic fluids
  • applications of relativistic fluid dynamics
  • hydrodynamics with spin degrees of freedom

We plan for a hybrid workshop with a number of participants on-site and the others connected via video conference.
For accepted participants, online attendance will be possible in any case. The organizers will decide and inform about an option of on-site attendance at a later stage.

Confirmed invited speakers

A. Abanov (US)
D. Banerjee (DE)
F. Becattini (IT)
B. Bradlyn (US)
A. Burkov (CA)
M. Chernodub (FR)
J. Erdmenger (DE)
P. Glorioso (US)
A. Grushin (FR)
C. Hoyos Badajoz (ES)
S. Ilani (IL)
K. Jensen (CA)
V. Juričić (SE)
P. Kovtun (CA)
A. Lucas (US)
A. Mackenzie (DE)
C. Manuel (ES)
J. Moore (US)
S. Moroz (SE)
T. Neely (AU)
F. Peña Benítez (PL)
F. Pollmann (DE)
B. Roy (US)
A. Sadofyev (ES)
G. Salbreux (CH)
T. Schäfer (US)
J. Schmalian (DE)
I. Shovkovy (US)
I. Sodemann (DE)
A. Souslov (UK)
M. Stone (US)
A. Varshney (IN)
V. Vitelli (US)
J. Waissman (US)
N. Yamamoto (JP)


Scientific Coordinators

Andrey A. Gromov
(Brown University, Providence, USA)

Dam T. Son
(The University of Chicago, USA)

Piotr Surowka
(University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland)


Katrin Lantsch
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


The participation list is closed.


Scientific program structure

Monday, 2nd May, 09:00 to Friday, 6th May, 13:00, scientific program including talks and poster session


How to reach us


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