Future Trends in DNA-based Nanotechnology

For each poster contribution there will be one poster wall (width: 97 cm, height: 250 cm) available. Please do not feel obliged to fill the whole space. Posters can be put up for the full duration of the event.

Poster flash sessions (2 minutes per poster, one slide) are scheduled on Monday, 29th May and on Wednesday, 31st May.


The DNATEC17 poster award was given to:
1st prize - Michael Grome, Yale University
2nd prize - Fan Hong, Arizona State University
3rd prize - Mette Jepsen, Aarhus University


  1. Agarwal, Nayan
    Stabilization of DNA nanoarchitectures

  2. Andreassen, Ane
    Stability and structural integrity studies of co-transcribed single stranded RNA origami in vivo

  3. Bayrak, Türkan
    Functionalized DNA origami naostructures for molecular electronics

  4. Bohlen, Johann
    Plasmon-assisted Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) at the single-molecule level using DNA origami

  5. Choi, Youngeun
    Bright fluorescent nanoarrays based on light harvesting DNA origami structures

  6. Daems, Devin
    Developing well-defined and robust biosensor interfaces by using DNA origami nanoscaled architectures

  7. Grome, Michael
    Rational membrane deformation via biomimetic DNA nanostructure complexing

  8. Heck, Christian
    Gold and silver nanolenses

  9. Heerwig, Andreas
    Construction of XXS DNA origami with defined length

  10. Herms, Alexander
    New developments on the way to self-thermophoretic nanoswimmers

  1. Homa, Georg
    Geometric factors and energetics of base stacking in absence of shape complementarity

  2. Hong, Fan
    Layered crossover motifs for 2D and 3D nucleic acid crystal constructions

  3. Hübner, Kristina
    Directed emission of fluorescent dyes coupled to optical antennas on DNA origami

  4. Jaekel, Andreas
    Rationally designed DNA-origami hosts for protein guests

  5. Jepsen, Mette
    Aptamer-based FRET on RNA nanodevices for intracellular sensing of metabolites

  6. Jiang, Shuoxing
    Thermodynamics and kinetics of single tile attachment in DNA tile-based self-assembly

  7. Kahn, Jason
    Dynamic materials through DNA-programmable 3D architectures

  8. Keller, Adrian
    Structural stability and degradation of DNA origami nanostructures in urea and guanidinium chloride

  9. Kick, Alfred
    Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy as a tool for the evaluation of DNA conjugates

  10. Kielar, Charlotte
    A DNA origami-based single-molecule assay for multidentate protein-pharmacophore binding

  11. Kilwing, Luzia
    DNA origami probe for studying carbohydrate-lectin interactions

  1. Kim, Jangwon
    Fast and accurate colorimetric detection of nucleic acids using gold necklace

  2. Kraatz, Katharina
    Protein immobilization in the hotspot of DNA origami nanoantennas for enzymatic assays

  3. Kröner, Felix
    Electrically facilitated immobilization of DNA origamis

  4. Lakatos, Mathias
    DNA-based plasmonic nanoantennas

  5. Liu, Minghui
    Rapid photo-actuation of DNA nanostructures using caged nucleotides

  6. Lustgarten, Omer
    Asymmetric G-quadruplex DNA scaffolds and their application as combinatorial sensors and molecular security systems

  7. Maffeo, Christopher
    Multiscale simulations of DNA origami objects for fast and detailed structure prediction

  8. Matis, Rainer
    Origami nanorulers as microscopic scalebar in expansion microsopy

  9. Matthies, Michael
    Wireframe shapes self-assembled from single-stranded DNA-tiles

  10. Ochmann, Sarah
    Detection of Zika by fluorescence enhancement of single molecules with optical antennas

  11. Oh, Jeong-Wook
    Strategic synthesis and plasmonic tuning of DNA-functionalized 1 nm intra-nanogap particles towards SERS nanoprobes

  12. Olejko, Lydia
    Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based nanophotonics using DNA origami structures

  1. Pfeifer, Wolfgang
    Hierarchical assembly of DNA filaments with designer elastic properties

  2. Pike, Andrew
    Enzymatic incorporation of artificial nucleobases for designer DNA nanomaterials

  3. Ranallo, Simona
    Antibody powered DNA-based nanomachine for drug delivery applications

  4. Rossi-Gendron, Caroline
    DNA origami melting: precise measurement and photocontrol

  5. Sayed, Ahmed
    Membrane-spanning DNA channel with lipid domain and ion selectivity

  6. Schöneweiß, Elisa-Charlott
    The collective behavior of spring-like motifs tethered to a DNA origami nanostructure

  7. Schreyer, Elisabeth
    DNA origami as a chemical nanosensor

  8. Schröder, Tim
    Approaching the highest brightness density with DNA origami

  9. Shen, Boxuan
    Plasmonic nanostructures through DNA-assisted molecular lithography

  10. Smirnova, Olga
    Looking inside chiral molecules on femtosecond time-scale

  11. Sperling, Evgeni
    Density fluctuation along stretched DNA under confinement

  12. Tuite, Eimer
    On-column conversion of oligo-guanosine to oligo-thioguanosine for directed metal ion assembly

  1. Venkatachalapathy, Muthukumaran
    Molecular activity painting (MAP): switch like, stable targeting of signal proteins in living cells

  2. Weichelt, Richard
    Methods to characterize the oligonucleotide functionalization of quantum dots

  3. Whitfield, Colette
    Bio-responsive DNA hydrogels

  4. Ye, Jingjing
    Nano-electronic components built from DNA templates

  5. Zhang, Tao
    Nanoparticles arrangement in 3D DNA origami crystals

  6. Zhou, Li
    Intramolecularly protein-crosslinked DNA gels: new hybrid biomaterials with controllable size and catalytic activity

  7. Zhou, Yu
    Synthetic near-threshold translational repressors

  8. Engel, Megan
    Pushing and pulling: DNA origami response to internal and ex- ternal force probed by simulation and experiment