Many paths to interference: a journey between quantum dots and single molecule junctions

International Focus Workshop
18 - 20 April 2017

The focus of the workshop is quantum interference detected in the transport characteristics of single molecules and molecular quantum dots. These devices represent interesting playgrounds for investigating the relation between interference and interaction in open quantum systems. It is our aim to promote a common understanding of the origin and mechanisms of path interference in its different contexts.

Topics include

  • Molecular electronics
  • Interference and molecular structure
  • Quantum transport in cross-conjugated molecules
  • Interference and molecular vibrations
  • Many-body vs. single-particle interference
  • Leggett-Garg inequalities
  • Coherence and dephasing in interacting open systems
  • Interference effects in the Kondo problem
  • Thermoelectrics and interference
  • Signatures of interference in the shot noise
  • Dark-states in quantum transport 
  • Frustration and topology in quantum dot molecules
  • Long range transport in quantum dot arrays

Invited speakers

Gianaurelio Cuniberti (DE)
Clive Emary (GB)
Klaus Ensslin (CH)
Takafumi Fujita (NL)
Milena Grifoni (DE)
Shmuel Gurvitz (IL)
Pavel Hawrylak (CA)
Per Hedegård (DK)
Philippe Lafarge (FR)
Colin J. Lambert (GB)
Gloria Platero (ES)
Andrew Sachrajda (CA)
Stefano Sanvito (IE)
Gemma Solomon (DK)
Robert Stadler (AT)
Michael Thoss (DE)
Juan Diego Urbina (DE)
Herre van der Zant (NL)
Héctor Vázquez (CZ)
Latha Venkataraman (US)

Scientific Coordinators

Andrea Donarini
(University of Regensburg, Germany)

Linda A. Zotti
(Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain)


Maria de Haas
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


The deadline for applications was 29 January 2017. The participants' list is closed.


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