Moessner, Roderich 

Group leader

Cook, Ashley MeganCorrelations and Topology
Heyl, MarkusDynamics in correlated quantum matter (Leibniz Group)
Luitz, DavidComputational Quantum Many-body Physics
 Quantum Many-body System
Sodemann Villadiego, Inti  A.Fractionalization and Topology in Quantum Matter

Emeritus director

Fulde, Peter 

IMPRS coordinator

McClarty, Paul 

Guests + short-term visitors

Douçot, Benoît      (Martin-Gutzwiller-Fellow "Quantum Hall ferromagnets")
Hänggi, Peter        (Convenor of Advanced Study group 2019 - 2021 "Open Quantum Systems far from Equilibrium")
Karlova, Katarina  (The mixed-spin Heisenberg octahedral chain and its equivalent with a lattice gas of hard-core particles)
Roy, Bitan              
Shtengel, Kirill      (Order-by-disorder and spin liquids in frustrated systems)


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