Group Meeting

Group meetings 2024

Monday 15:00 - 16:00 / Seminar room 1D1 or guest house terrace

22 JanuaryWei-Han LiEmergent Eigenstate Plateaus and Equilibration in 1D Quantum Lattice Gases 
5 FebruaryTaha Alper YogurtSpin-1 Quantum Droplets and Vortex Lattices in Binary Mixture Droplets 
11 - 16 February 44th EAS Meeting in Riezlern, Austria 
8 March DPG SAMOP Practics talks 
18 MarchMykhaylo KhoomaTowards a high precision solution for generalized spheroidal wave equations: Applications to the long-range diatomics and ion-atomic scattering 
25 MarchArkayjoti MaitySpectral signatures of fermionized topological phases of interacting photons in a driven-dissipative nonlinear cavity array
8 AprilDr. Vijay Ganesh SadhasivamInformation scrambling: a path integral perspective

previous group meetings:

12 - 17 February 43th EAS Meeting in Riezlern, Austria
2 March

Mr. Siddhartha Nayak

Mr. Arkajyoti Maity
Dr. Michele Pini 

Near-field scanning optical microscopy of topologically protected excitons in molecular aggregates
Valley polarization in pristine graphene with linearly polarised laser pulses
Competing Fermi-surface instabilities induced by cavity-mediated repulsive interactions
5 - 10 March DPG Spring Meeting Hannover
16 MarchDr. Hao LiangTime Delays in Resonant Two-Photon Ionization
23 MarchMs. Hsiao-Han (Grace) ChuangFrom physical chemistry to more physical projects
30 MarchMr. Sidharth RammohanTailoring the Phonon Environment of Embedded Rydberg Aggregates
6 AprilDr. Christian JohansenLimit cycles and time crystals in ultracold atomic systems
13 AprilMr. Adisorn PanasawatwongMachine-learning-based complexity
20 AprilPhilipp Stammer
(ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences)
Quantum Optics meets Strong Field Physics     
27 AprilMr. Sebastian GemsheimThe emergence of time with interactions in quantum (and classical) mechanics
4 MayMr. Siddhartha PoddarTomography with Machine Learning
19 JuneMr. Benjamin RabeSemiclassical Diabatisation via Gaussian Process Regression
26 JuneProf. Marcus BeimsEffect of finite-time Lyapunov fluctuations on the out-of-time-ordered correlator
3 JulyMr. Mariano BonifacioEngineering cavity-mediated interactions in a cloud of ultracold atoms
24 JulyMr. Alejandro ContrerasNormal quantum channels
14 August

Mr. Juan Carlos Acosta Matos

Alkali-Ion Doped Helium Droplets at 0 K
11 SeptemberMr. Aritra MishraClassification of noisy spectra using convolution neural networks
18 SeptemberDr. Arlans De LaraA spacetime-symmetric formalism in Quantum Mechanics and position as the independent variable
25 SeptemberMr. Sajjad AziziThree Aspects of Photoionization in Ultrashort Pulses
16 OctoberDr. Ritesh PantQuantum dynamics of excitons in dynamical Rydberg and molecular aggregates
23 OctoberMd Mursalin IslamNon-equilibrium dynamics of scalar fields starting from non-thermal Fock states
4 DecemberJuan Nicolas Moreno TarquinoStochastic unravelling of Lindblad equation for N coupled oscillators
27 JanuaryCarlos Benavides RiverosExcitations of Quantum Many-Body Systems via Purified Ensembles
10 FebruaryJoppe WidstamObservation Selection Effects and the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
13 -18 February 42th EAS Meeting in Riezlern, Austria
24 FebruaryFrederic HummelPrecision spectroscopy of negative ion-resonances in rubidium
5 MayChuan YuHigh Harmonics Enhanced by Periodicity Breaks
12 MayJinbin LiImpact of coherent phonon dynamics on high-order harmonic generation in solids
19 MayAgata WojciechowskaLarge spin-orbit coupling as a source of Feshbach resonances in ultracold ion-atom mixtures
23 JuneAbhijit PendseEntanglement and decoherence of a system of Rydberg atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensate
5 JulyIvan LiuComplexity, environment, and future aesthetics
7 JulyShiva Kant TiwariDynamics of atoms within atoms
4 AugustCarlos Benavides RiverosUniversal Description of Quantum Correlations in Bosonic and Superconducting Systems
18 AugustBertrand GeorgeotChaos-assisted tunneling, from experimental resonances to quantum simulation (room: 1D1)
25 AugustArkajyoti MaityComplete absence of Anderson localization in a class of disordered aperiodic systems
15 SeptemberWeihan LiInteraction-induced localization and constrained dynamics in polar lattice gases
28 JanuarySerguei PatchkovskiiTowards preparation and direct detection of a Kramers-Henneberger ground state in strong optical fields (an immodest theoretical proposal)
11 FebruaryJonathan DuboisNotebook articles: towards a transformative publishing experience in nonlinear science
25 FebruaryThomas Niederprüm3D Long-Range Random Hopping
4 MarchVictor BastidesTopology in manybody systems: An Archimedes screw for particles and quantum correlations
11 MarchJuan Carlos Acosta MatosTrajectory-based modelling of the quantum dynamics of vibrational predissociation: Application to the Ar-Br2 (v = 24) complex
25 MarchLamine MadjetHot carriers Relaxation Dynamics in Perovskite Materials
8 AprilTing YuGeometric phase and geometric decoherence:  From the quantum trajectory viewpoint
15 AprilMaximilien BarbierMany-particle quantum backflow
22 AprilKlas LindforsMolecular nanostructures: light emission, detection, and strong coupling
20 MaiJonathan Dubois
Matthew Eiles
Making non-adiabatic photoionization adiabatic
Topological states of a Rydberg composite
27 MaiPanos Giannakeas
Petr Karpov
Sajad Azizi
Photoionization fine structure in dilute ultracold gases
Quantum droplet phases in multimode optical cavities
Controlling non-adiabatic ionization with shaped ultra-short laser pulses
15 JulyViktor IvádyFirst principles and quantum dynamics simulation of point defect qubits in semiconductors - Part I
12 AugustViktor IvádyFirst principles and quantum dynamics simulation of point defect qubits in semiconductors - Part II
30 SeptemberSidhartha Nayak

Near- field scanning optical microscopy of molecular aggregates: the role of light polarization

18 NovemberJoppe WidstamObservation Selection Effects and the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
25 NovemberFarhad Taher-GhahramaniGaussian Process Regression for Absorption Spectra Analysis of Molecular Dimers
9 DecemberČrt LozejExploring quantum chaos and localization with quantum billiards
20 JanuaryJonathan DuboisElectron dynamics for atoms driven by intense and elliptically polarized laser pulses
3 FebruaryFrancesco PiazzaSpectral features of generic open quantum many-body systems
10 FebruarySajjad AziziNon-adiabatic photo-ionization with shaped pulses
26 JuneGabriel LandoQuantum-chaotic evolution reproduced from effective regular trajectories (ZOOM)

9 July

Panagiotis GiannakeasThe Haiku physics of dressed ion-pair states in Rydberg molecules
30 JulyJesús Pérez RíosA data-driven approach to molecular spectroscopy (ZOOM)
6 AugustFelix MackenrothTurning up the heat in QED - pair production in thermal fields
20 AugustCarlos Benavides-RiverosOne-body methods in quantum mechanics: recent results for bosons and superconductors
3 SeptemberTyler SutherlandImproving how we use quantum computing platforms (ZOOM)
10 SeptemberGhassan AbumwisExcition states in a frozen Rydberg gas
17 SeptemberLipeng ChenFrom semiclassical to full dynamics: the Gaussian basis methods (ZOOM)
1 OctoberUlf SaalmannDoes streaking measure time delays?
8 OctoberJohn BriggsThe doors of perception
15 OctoberFelix ThielNon-Hermitian and Zero limit of the quantum first detection problem (ZOOM)
29 OctoberSimos MistakidisPump probe spectroscopy of Bose polarons (ZOOM)
5 NovemberChris WächtlerSelf-oscillation, synchronization, topology and thermodynamics - the electron shuttle revisited (ZOOM)
12 NovemberChuan YuHigh harmonic generation in finite extended systems: Rescattering of delocalized electrons
19 NovemberXing GaoSimulating two-dimensional spectra via quasiclassical mapping hamiltonian methods (ZOOM)

3 December

Graham BrownIn Situ techniques and recollision in complex systems (ZOOM)
10 DecemberDario EgloffCan a quantum random walk be simulated classically? (ZOOM)
14 JanuaryWerner Koch (Weizmann Institute)A complex classical three step model of tunnel ionization and high harmonic generation
21 JanuaryHamed Koochaki KelardehUltrafast kinetics in two-dimensional crystals: topological phenomena
28 JanuaryPetr KarpovNew scenario for crystallization induced by the light-mediated sign-changing interaction
18 MarchLázaro Alonso SilvaEmbedded beta-skeletons graphs within a unit square
27 MayPanagiotis GiannakeasNon-adiabatic phenomena in ultracold gases
9 SeptemberAbbas Chimeh (Univ. Oldenburg)Plasmonic nanofocusing spectral interferometry

16 September

Johannes Lang

Interaction-induced transparency for strong-coupling polaritons

30 SeptemberChristian JohansenMultimode interactions mediated by Floquet cavity photons
7 October Fulu ZhengExcitonic wave function reconstruction from near-field spectra using machine learning techniques
14 OctoberCornelia HofmannClassical Trajectories for two-colour High Harmonic Generation: Of short, long and high-energy trajectories
21 OctoberChuan YuTDDFT model for high-order harmonic generation in bandgap systems
28 OctoberSoumi DuttaStrong field driven electron dynamics from a static potential
4 NovemberMatthew EilesLocalization (or not) in Rydberg systems
11 NovemberYi-Jen ChenOptimizing  hole coherence in attosecond photoionization
25 NovemberBernhard FrankFermionic criticality out-of-equilibrium
2 DecemberSajal Kumar GiriPurifying noisy observables with deep learning

 Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3

15 January 2018Hon-Wai LauChimera patterns in conservative systems and ultracold atoms with mediated nonlocal hopping
29 JanuaryFelix MackenrothDetermining the duration of an intense laser pulse directly in focus
5 FebruaryLázaro Alonso SilvaEigenvalue determination for mixed quantum states using overlap statistics
12 FebruaryXing GaoNear-field spectroscopy of nanoscale aggregates
26 MarchChristopher BentleyQuantum simulation using Rydberg atoms
9 AprilBill Poirier
(Texas Tech University)

Quantum mechanics without wavefunctions

30 April Fermin Rodriguez-HernandezElectrocatalytic properties of TiO2-based clusters for water decomposition
14 May Sajal Kumar GiriLearning strong-field optimal control landscape using an artificial neural network
28 MayJad HalimehDynamical quantum phase transitions at finite temperature
11 JuneKanupriya SinhaTailoring Casimir-Polder interactions in nanophotonic systems
09 JulyJonathan Dubois
(Aix Marseille Université
Guiding-center motion for electrons in strong laser fields
23 JulyMatthew Eiles

Rydberg atoms and their interactions with other atoms, electrons, and even with nothing


17 SeptemberChi-Hui ChouAttosecond streaking in noble-gas atoms
24 SeptemberIgor Ivanov
IBS Gwangju, Korea

Instantaneous ionization rate as a functional derivative and strong filed approximation as an evolutionary equation

8 OctoberTomasz Wasak

Quantum Bose-Bose droplets at a dimensional crossover

29 OctoberFulu ZhengEngineering photon delocalization in a Rabi dimer with a dissipative bath
5 NovemberYurii Dumin
Nenad Simonovic

Thermodynamics of the correlated ultracold plasmas

Dynamic Stark shift as a tool for quantum control in selective multiphoton ionization

3 DecemberKieran Fraser

Quantum nonlinear optics using hybrid light

10 DecemberSebastian Gemsheim

High harmonic generation with twisted electrons

17 DecemberThomas Stielow
Universität Rostock

Neural networks for reconstruction of nanoclusters from soft x-ray scattering images


09 January 2017Mehrdad BagheryDynamic interference in hydrogen atom
16 January Luis ArdilaBose Polarons
23 January Felix MackenrothIntense laser-matter interaction - From ion acceleration to nonlinear QED
30 JanuaryEAS - Extreme Atomic Systems
06 FebruarySergei PopruzhenkoManipulating of photoelectron currents by bichromatic laser fields: A way to the generation of coherent THz light pulses
13 FebruarySajal Kumar GiriSingle-photon ionization in intense, fluctuating pulses
20 FebruaryDPG practice sessionstrong and/or high frequency fields, clusters
27 FebruaryDPG practice sessionmolecules, cold atoms, etc.
27 MarchWildan AbdussalamNoise resistant coupling between Rydberg atoms and a superconducting cavity via dipole-dipole interactions
03 AprilPanagiotis GiannakeasThree-body recombination processes in ultracold heteronuclear systems: When Fano meets Efimov
10 AprilMichael Buchhold (ITP Köln)Absorbing state phase transitions in driven dissipative spin systems
22 MaySergei PopruzhenkoExtremely strong magnetic fields generated in laser-plasma interactions: Is there a limit?
12 JuneLiangwen Pitba
19 JuneHimangshu Prabal GoswamiPhoton emission pathways and thermodynamic properties of quantum junctions
7 AugustHongcheng NiTunneling exit characteristics from classical backpropagation of an ionized electron wave packet
14 AugustFriedrich Burger, Uni FreiburgDispersion interactions between two small spheres in a medium
28 AugustLiangwen PiDiscontinuities in the electromagnetic fields of vortex beams in the complex source-sink model    
4 SeptemberKanupriya Sinha, IQOQI InnsbruckRepulsive Casimir-Polder forces on a magnetic particle
11 SeptemberDavid SchönleberModeling of singlet fission in weakly-interacting acene molecules    
25 SeptemberKoen van Kruining Noninterfering superpositions of four, five and six plane waves    
9 October José Lebreuilly    Stabilizing Mott-Insulator states of light via non-Markovian reservoirs: Toward the quantum simulation of zero temperature physics in optical devices    
16 OctoberLisa Ortmann Emergence of a higher energy structure in inhomogeneous electric fields    
20 November Shunpike Sato (MPSD Hamburg)     Ab-initio simulation for attosecond spectroscopy of solids    
4 DecemberVasily TulskyExcitation of terahertz currents by two-color laser pulses interacting with atomic gases    
11 DecemberTomas ZimmermannAttosecond streaking delays in molecules computed with the classical Wigner propagation method    
20 DecemberSebastian GemsheimHigh-harmonic generation with twisted wavepackets
15 January 2018Hon-Wai LauChimera patterns in conservative systems and ultracold atoms with mediated nonlocal hopping
29 JanuaryFelix MackenrothDetermining the duration of an intense laser pulse directly in focus
5 FebruaryLázaro Alonso SilvaEigenvalue determination for mixed quantum states using overlap statistics
12 FebruaryXing GaoNear-field spectroscopy of nanoscale aggregates
26 MarchChristopher BentleyQuantum simulation using Rydberg atoms
9 AprilBill Poirier
(Texas Tech University)

Quantum mechanics without wavefunctions

30 April Fermin Rodriguez-HernandezElectrocatalytic properties of TiO2-based clusters for water decomposition
14 May Sajal Kumar GiriLearning strong-field optimal control landscape using an artificial neural network
28 MayJad HalimehDynamical quantum phase transitions at finite temperature
11 JuneKanupriya SinhaTailoring Casimir-Polder interactions in nanophotonic systems
09 JulyJonathan Dubois
(Aix Marseille Université
Guiding-center motion for electrons in strong laser fields
23 JulyMatthew Eiles

Rydberg atoms and their interactions with other atoms, electrons, and even with nothing


Group meetings, fall/winter 2016

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


11 JulyQicheng NingDynamics of the slow electrons from non-adiabatic transistions
18 JulyYongchang ZhangQuantum simulation of nonlinear effects
15 AugustKarsten LeonhardtInterplay of excitation transport and atomic motion in flexible Rydberg aggregates
22 AugustAlan CelestinoChanging the non-radiative decay rate via molecular aggregation
05 SeptemberAbraham CamachoDynamics of highly charged finite systems induced by intense X-ray pulses
19 SeptemberAlexis Chacon (ICFO, Barcelona)Strong field processes driven by homogeneous and inhomogeneous fields
26 SeptemberCallum MurrayDecoherence in a single photon switch
17 OctoberMaciej Spiewanowski (York University, Toronto)Adiabatic-strong-field approximation
07 NovemberJad Halimeh (LMU München)Dynamical phase diagram of spin chains with long-range interactions
21 NovemberPerttu LuukkoPerturbation-induced quantum scars and Rydberg molecules
28 NovemberWorkshop on Atomic Physics 2016
05 DecemberChristopher BentleyControlling trapped ions
12 DecemberHoi-Kwan LauWhat is actually needed to quantum-compute with harmonic oscillators?

Group meetings, fall/winter 2016

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


11 JulyQicheng NingDynamics of the slow electrons from non-adiabatic transistions
18 JulyYongchang ZhangQuantum simulation of nonlinear effects
15 AugustKarsten LeonhardtInterplay of excitation transport and atomic motion in flexible Rydberg aggregates
22 AugustAlan CelestinoChanging the non-radiative decay rate via molecular aggregation
05 SeptemberAbraham CamachoDynamics of highly charged finite systems induced by intense X-ray pulses
19 SeptemberAlexis Chacon (ICFO, Barcelona)Strong field processes driven by homogeneous and inhomogeneous fields
26 SeptemberCallum MurrayDecoherence in a single photon switch
17 OctoberMaciej Spiewanowski (York University, Toronto)Adiabatic-strong-field approximation
07 NovemberJad Halimeh (LMU München)Dynamical phase diagram of spin chains with long-range interactions
21 NovemberPerttu LuukkoPerturbation-induced quantum scars and Rydberg molecules
28 NovemberWorkshop on Atomic Physics 2016
05 DecemberChristopher BentleyControlling trapped ions
12 DecemberHoi-Kwan LauWhat is actually needed to quantum-compute with harmonic oscillators?

Group meetings, spring/summer 2016

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


11 JanuaryDavid SchönleberOptomechanical interactions in non-Hermitian coupled resonates
25 JanuaryAbraham CamachoMultiple ionization in clusters by XFEL pulses
01 FebruaryDaniel ViscorElectromagnetically induced transparency in interacting Rydberg ensembles
08 FebruaryLukas MedisauskasThe role of coherent electronic-vibrational dynamics in the formation of continuum resonances
15 FebruaryEAS meeting, Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal
22 FebruaryDPG practiceHongcheng, Adrian, Daniel, Valentin, Wildan, Alan
29 FebruaryDPG meeting AMOP, Hannover
14 MarchPanPan ZhangCalculation of 2D electronic spectra using a stochastic Schroedinger equation approach
21 MarchArmen HayrapetyanStructured relativistic quantum waves with topological singularities in intense laser fields
04 AprilTomas Zimmermann (ETH Zürich)Computing the attosecond spectra with the classical Wigner method
11 AprilCornelia HofmannNon-adiabatic imprints on the electron wave packet in strong field ionization
18 AprilValentin WaltherRydberg excitations in two-dimensional semiconductors
02 MayAndreas RubischStrong field assisted XUV amplification in helium clusters
09 MayArmen HayrapetyanRelativistic electron and neutron vortex beams in intense lasers
30 MayKamal P. Singh (IISER-MOHALI, India)Universal long range nanometric bending of water by light
06 JuneKoen van KruiningVortex structure of electrons in a magnetic field
13 JuneHongcheng NiTime delays in photoionization
20 JuneAdrian Sanz MoraLong-range interaction between a Rydberg state atom and a metallic nanoparticle
27 JuneBogdan PopescuEfficient auxiliary-mode approach for time-dependent nanoelectronics

Group meetings, fall/winter 2015

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


14 SeptemberJohn Delos
College of William & Mary
Ballistic atom pumps
21 SeptemberCallum MurraySingle photon routing in Rydberg ensembles
28 SeptemberRobert JohneStrong optical nonlinearities induced by weakly interacting ions
05 OctoberZengzhao LiEfficiently solving spin-boson dynamics via non-Markovian quantum trajectories
12 OctoberLuis Pena Ardila
University Trento
Ground-state properties of Polarons in a Bose-Einstein condensate using Monte-Carlo methods
02 NovemberAlexander CroyNonlinearities in nanomechanical graphene resonators: From Duffing oscillators to nonlinear phononics
Wednesday, 11 NovemberTimm BredtmannStrong field assisted XUV lasing in atoms and molecules
16 NovemberNorio TakemotoFinding active subset of periodic von Neumann basis with biorthogonal exchange
25 NovemberAtomic Physics workshop
30 NovemberMehrdad BagheryFinding the global minimum using Gaussian processes
07 DecemberRostislav Arkhipov
HU Berlin
Self-induced transparency mode-locking: How to overcome the gain linewidth limit on the pulse duration

Group meetings, spring/summer 2015

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


09 MarchDPG practiceHongcheng Ni, Adrian, Karsten
16 MarchDPG practiceArmen, David, Alan
23 MarchDPG meeting Heidelberg
30 MarchElias DiesenStark dynamics revealed by the zero-energy-structure in strong-field photoelectron spectra
13 AprilAdrian Sanz MoraProbing a nanomechanical oscillator with Rydberg excited atoms
20 AprilPan Pan ZhangCalculation the 2D spectroscopy via the hierarchy of Pure state method
27 AprilQiCheng NingDouble ionization in short high-frequency pulses;
Slow electrons from non-adiabatic transitions
04 MayAlexandra LandsmanTunneling time in the adiabatic limit of strong field ionization
11 MayArmen HayrapetyanInstantaneous characteristics of light in time-dependent PT-symmetric optical potentials
18 MayJian Cui
Univ. Ulm
Robust control of long distance entanglement in disordered spin chains
01 JuneKoen van KruiningA non-paraxial theory for spin-to-orbit conversion
15 JuneLaura GilNonlinear tunneling in a Rydberg-dresssed optical lattice
22 JuneAlan CelestinoTuning the non-radiative lifetime of molecular aggregates via the dipole-dipole interaction
13 JulyBogdan Popescu
Jacobs University Bremen
Time-dependent theories applied to change transport through molecular junctions
Tuesday 14 JulyHakob Avetisya
Fed. Univ. of Minas Gerais
Higher order correlation beams in the atmosphere under stong turbulence
03 AugustRamy El-GanainySupersymmetric laser arrays
10 AugustGuang-Hao Shao
Nanjing University
Domain engineered lithium niobate, a versatile platform for multifunctional photonic devices
17 AugustHongcheng NiTunneling time delay studied by backward propagation

Group meetings, fall/winter 2014/2015

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


1 SeptemberKoudai ToyotaThe envelope Hamiltonian for electron interacting with ultrashort pulses
8 SeptemberDavid SchoenleberQuantum simulation of energy transport with embedded Rydberg aggregates
15 SeptemberAlexander EisfeldNon-Markovian quantum state diffusion
22 SeptemberAbraham CamachoThe role of charge transfer in XFEL diffractive imaging
29 SeptemberJan VorbergerStructure in warm dense matter
06 OctoberAsaad SakhelGlobal and local condensate and superfluid fractions of a few hard core bosons
13 OctoberEric van der Wurff
Universiteit Utrecht
Fluctuations in a Bose-Einstein condensate of light
20 OctoberDefense Rick Muckherjee
27 OctoberHashem ZoubiCollective excitations in an atomic lattice coupled to a nanophotonic waveguide
03 NovemberSebastian MöbiusHeavy-tailed Levy-stable disorder in quantum aggregates
10 NovemberEvangelos SiminosModelling ultrafast shadowgraphy for laser-wakefield acceleration experiments
17 NovemberChristopher GaulRydberg-Rydberg interaction under EIT condition
1 DecemberMickael Grech
Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau
Creating (or not) electron-positron plasma collisions and shocks in the lab with lasers
3 DecemberVeronica BaumannMeasurement-and-repreparation operations and causal separability for two laboratories
15 DecemberDaniel ViscorElectromagnetically induced transparency in interacting entangled media
12 January 2015Norio TakemotoSolving time-dependent Schrödinger equation in periodic von Neumann basis with biothogonal exchange
19 January Eduardo ZambranoBlind spots between quantum states
26 JanuaryRick van BijnenQuantum magnetism in optical lattices via enhanced Rydberg dressing
09 FebruarySebastian WüsterPhase-imprinting of Bose-Einstein condensates with Rydberg impurities
23 FebruaryRobert CameronDiscriminatory optical force for chiral molecules

Group meetings, spring/summer 2014

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


10 March 2014Eduardo Zambrano
EPFL Lausanne
From Loschmidt echo to time-resolved stimulated spectra calculations
Wednesday, 12 Marchpractice - DPG meeting Berlin
Friday, 14 MarchTomotake YamakoshiStatistical evaluation of ultracold molecular fraction rate
17 MarchDPG meeting Berlin
31 MarchKlaus von Haeften
University of Leicester
Probing the structure and dynamics of weakly bound molecular clusters using rotational wavepackets
31 MarchDPG meeting Dresden
14 AprilWildan AbdussalamDynamics of dissipative spin lattices with power-law interactions
28 AprilRick MukherjeeIon transport in Rydberg lattices
5 MayGunes SoylerMany body physics with interacting photons
12 MayRobert JohneQuantum nonlinear optics with an ion crystal in a cavity
22 MayUta Naether
Universidad de Zaragoza
Localization in open and closed arrays of nonlinear coupled quantum oscillators
2 JuneMehrdad BagheryIntroduction of a new Diffusion Monte Carlo method
23 JuneKarsten LeonhardtSwitching exciton pulses through conical intersections
11 AugustDario JukicPropagation of light in an interacting Rydberg EIT medium
18 AugustValentin Walther
Stony Brook University
Linear non-equilibrium physics from an inference perspective
25 AugustGaoyong Sun
Universität Hannover
Exploring spin-orbital models with dipolar fermions and bosons in zigzag optical lattices

Group meetings, fall/winter 2013/2014

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


2 SeptemberFabian MaucherQuasiperiodic oscillations and homoclinic orbits in the nonlinear nonlocal Schroedinger equation
9 SeptemberDaw-Wei Wang
National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Quantum phase transitions of Rydberg-dressed Fermi gases
16 SeptemberDarko DimitrovskiStrong-field ionization of atoms and molecules in ultrafast scenarios
30 SeptemberQi-Cheng NingAttosecond streaking time-delay of H2+
7 OctoberChristopher GaulSpin-dependent negative differential resistance in composite graphene superlattices
21 OctoberElias DiesenVery low energy photoelectrons in high-intensity IR laser fields
28 OctoberAnatoly A. IgnatovSemiconductor superlattices as an active plasmon-polariton metamaterial for
intense terahertz photons detection.
4 NovemberPierfrancesco Di CintioMolecular hydrides clusters under intense X-FEL pulses
11 NovemberJörg GötteWeak measurements with fractional orbital angular momentum
18 NovemberOlena PonomarenkoEffects of core-hole localization dynamics on time-dependent diffraction in pump-probe XFEL experiments
25 NovemberAtomic Physics Workshop
9 DecemberRichard Wilhelm
HZDR Rossendorf
Ion-Solid-Interaction with slow highly charged ions
13 JanuaryXiaoqing WangUsing molecular dynamics simulation to obtain protein pigment interaction in photosynthetic pigment-protein complex
20 January 2014Armen Hayrapetyan
Universität Heidelberg
Interaction of relativistic electron vortex beams with few-cycle laser pulses
3 February 2014EAS meeting Riezlern
10 February 2014mpipks retreat
17 February 2014Michael GenkinMonitoring transport in Rydberg-aggregates with three-level detector atoms
24 February 2014Pablo Carlos LopezDynamics of the quantum kicked oscillator coupled to a heat bath

Group meetings, spring/summer 2013

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


14 JanuaryRobert JohneLight-matter interaction at the low photon-number level
21 JanuaryGeorg BannaschRelaxation processes in strongly coupled ultracold plasmas
28 JanuaryHashem ZoubiCollective excitations of ultracold atoms in optical lattices
4 FebruaryBelinda KapidaniA view on Polymer Physics
11 FebruaryEAS meeting Riezlern
18 FebruaryMartin WinterConditions for orientation recovery using diffusion map
25 FebruaryDPG1: Gerhard, Jörg, Bas
4 MarchDPG2: Sebastian, Karsten
12 MarchHenri VincentiAttosecond light pulse generation on relativistic plasma mirrors
18 MarchDPG Hannover
25 MarchDario JukicTwo topics from photonics: Flat surface band and 4D photonic lattices
8 AprilCarlos ZagoyaSemiclassical description of quantum breathers
22 AprilKazimierz Lakomy
Universität Hannover
Dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices
29 AprilDavid Chapman
AWE / University of Warwick
Modelling x-ray scattering from warm dense matter in non-equilibrium states
06 MayFelix LucasAdaptive resummation of Markovian quantum dynamics
Tuesday, 21 MayMikhail Lemeshko
Preparation of strongly-interacting states in ultracold gases
using conservative and nonconservative forces
Thursday, 23 MayRavi Rau
Louisana State University
Explorations in quantum information
03 JuneRamy El-GanainyOn-chip optical isolators
10 JuneFabio CintiSome updates on supersolidity
17 JuneJan VorbergerA guide to temperature relaxation
24 Junempipks Advisory Board
1/8 JulyWorkshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics
29 JulyHongcheng Ni
JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder
Double photoionization of the helium dimer:
Mechanism and time-resolution using attosecond streak camera
2 AugustPatrick Donnan
Auburn University
Calculation of antihydrogen spectroscopy and cooling
5 AugustChristian Knapp
Universitaet Innsbruck
MD simulation of magnetized ultracold plasmas
6 AugustMatt Coles
University of East Anglia
Singular phase structure of nanoantenna systems
12 AugustCallum Murray
Dynamical Rydberg Crystallization
26 AugustAlan CelestinoNano-electromechanical rotor

Group meetings, summer/fall 2012

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


20 AugustMarko GacesaFeshbach resonances and charge-exchange in ultracold gases
27 AugustLaura GilMany-body dynamics of Strontium Rydberg lattices
3 SeptemberKarsten LeonhardtInterplay of conical intersections and entanglement transport in two-dimensional flexible Rydberg aggregates
5 SeptemberStephanie ValleauReason is but choosing: On the alternatives for bath correlators and spectral densities from mixed quantum-classical simulations
24 SeptemberAdrian SanzA laser-driven quantum control primer. Seeking an optimal pulse for a state to state transition
1 OctoberSebastian WüsterMonitoring exciton dynamics with EIT detection
8 OctoberTommasa MacriExcitations and instabilities in finite and long range bosonic systems
15 OctoberJörg GötteSkylight polarization or the Secrets of Viking navigation
22 OctoberWolfgang Lechner
Uni Innsbruck
Defect interactions and quantum glass transition in two dimensional crystals
29 OctoberAbraham CamachoFullerene electron spectra under intense XFEL pulses
12 NovemberMichael GenkinA source for single Rydberg atoms with a KHz repetition rate
19 Novembercancelled
26 NovemberWorkshop on Atomic Physics
3 DecemberMarcus BeimsRatchet transport and periodic structures in parameter space
18 DecemberJulia LinkMany-body tunneling in an optical lattice

Group meetings, spring/summer 2012

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


5 September 2011Sebastian WüsterQuantum effects in biological systems 2011 (conference summary
9 SeptemberPeter Urban
Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin
Reconstruction of planar surfaces from geodesic distances
12 SeptNils HenkelSupersolids in Rydberg-dressed Bose-Einstein Condensates
19 SeptZachary WaltersCoherent quantum dynamics at ambient temperature in photosynthetic molecues
26 SeptGeorg BannaschRelaxation processes in ultracold plasmas
10 OctoberMichael GenkinCan Schroedinger Cats live and die in Rydberg-blocked atomic clouds?
17 OctoberKarsten LeonhardtDescription of open quantum systems and equations of motion of higher moments in the Heisenberg picture
24 OctoberFabian MaucherNonlinear waves in nonlocal nonlinear media
7 NovemberPierfrancesco DiCintioRelaxation of laser generated plasmas in clusters
11 NovemberIvan Gonoskov
Universität Erlangen
Tight focusing of short laser pulses in vacuum and its applications for high-intensity laser physics
15 NovemberLaura Gil
KTH Stockholm
Meson-meson scattering at low energy
28 NovemberAbraham CamachoEmission spectra from C60 under strong laser pulses
12 DecemberrAlex Gibberd
St Andrews, UK
Epilepsy prediction
9 January 2012Ulf SaalmannNon-adiabatic rectification and current reversal in electron pumps
16 JanuarySebastian WüsterMacroscopic quantum self-trapping in dynamical tunneling
30 JanuaryFabio CintiSuperfluidity and supersolidity in Rydberg atoms
13 FebruaryAlexander KästnerElectron-energy bunching in laser-driven soft recollisions
20 FebruaryTommaso MacriDynamics of cold Fermi gases in multiwell potentials
27 FebruaryCarlos ZagoyaHigh harmonic generation via dominant interaction Hamiltonians
5 MarchMilan SindelkaAdiabatic approach to 1D bound state problems:
A new analytical method superior to JWKB
6 MarchGunes Soyler
ICTP Trieste
Quantum phases of lattice bosons
12 MarchDPG meeting in Stuttgart
19 MarchJan Vorberger
University of Warwick
How to study Warm Dense Matter
26 MarchAndre EckartFrustrated atoms run in circles: Engineering the kinetecs in optical lattices
2 AprilChristian KöhlerHigher order Kerr terms vs. plasma: Saturation of the nonlinear refractive index
16 AprilZachary WaltersPropagating the time dependent Schroedinger Equation efficiently, accurately, and in parallel
23 AprilNils HenkelRydberg-dressed Bose-Einstein Condensates
2 MayWildan Abdussalam
University Wroclaw
Collective spontaneous emission from small QDs ensembles
7 MayJörg GötteBridging different regimes: Polynomial solutions of wave equations in optics and quantum mechanics
14 MaySebastian MöbiusPlaytime with Rydberg atoms: Rydberg cannon and dressed cats
4 JuneGerhard RitschelFinite temperature absorption in the NMQSD approach - Introduction to thermofield dynamics
11 JuneMickael GrechSQUASH - a particle-in-cell code for laser-plasma interaction under extreme-light conditions
18 JuneEvangelos SiminosWhen does an ultra-intense laser pulse propagate in a plasma?

Group meetings, spring/summer 2011

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


7 March 2011Alexander KästnerUnconventional rescattering in strong long-wavelength pulses
4 AprilSevilay SevincliNonlinear optics in cold Rydberg gases
7 AprilFabio Cinti
University of Alberta, Canada
Supersolid phase of a Rydberg-blockaded dipolar gas
11 AprilJörg Götte
University Bristol
Weak values and the fine structure of reflection
2 MaySebastian MöbiusCorrelated disorder in molecular aggregates
9 MayGerhard RitschelEnergy transfer in molecular aggregates - Influence of a structured phonon environment at finite temperature
16 MayJoachim SeibtSignatures of dissipation and torsional motion in electronic 2D-spectra of a \pi-aggregated dimer
23 MayRejish Nath Gopnathan RejaniLong-range effects in cold atomic gases
30 MayEvangelos Siminos
CEA, DAM, DIF, Arpajon, France
Linear stability of nonlinear waves in rarefied plasmas
6 JuneMyroslav ZapukhlyakAngular anisotropy parameters in photoionization processes of spherical metallic cluster anions
25 JulyStephan Hoyer
University of California, Berkeley
Propagating quantum coherence for a biological advantage
1 AugustHichem EleuchAnalytical solutions to the Schroedinger equations of scattering problems
8 Augustno group meeting
15 AugustChengpu Liu
MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg
Strong field photoionization revisited by mid-infrared lasers

19 August
Kazimierz Lakomy
University Hannover
Spontaneous crystallization and filamentation of solitons in dipolar condensates
22 AugustRashi SachdevaDensity wave-supersolid and Mott insulator-superfluid phase transition in presence of gauge field
24 AugustHayk Ishkhanyan
Yerevan, Armenia
Above-barrier reflection of matter waves in the nonlinear Schroedinger equation approximation:
Stationary solutions and absolute transmission resonances
29 AugustMartin GerlachDominant interaction Hamiltonians
Friday, 9 SeptPeter Urbantba

Group meetings, fall/winter 2010

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


04 OctoberEduardo RomanSelf-avoiding random walks as models of linear polymers: Statistical properties and applications
11 OctoberRick MukherjeeCoherent change transport in 1D optical lattice
18 OctoberMichael GenkinEnvironment-assisted entanglement of spatial modes in a Penning trap
25 OctoberWoldemariam T Sintayehutba
01 NovemberAlex EisfeldAre there differences between quantum and classical coherence in electronic energy transfer?
08 NovemberJan RodenPTCDA oligomers in helium nanodroplets
15 NovemberSebastian WüsterEntanglement transport and conical intersections in flexible Rydberg aggregates
22 NovemberWorkshop on Atomic Physics
29 NovemberIris ReichenbachUltracold Rydberg molecules
06 DecemberRachel Nuter
CEA, DAM, DIF, France
Field ionization in PIC codes and application to laser-accelerated ions
06 January 2011Ionut Georgescu
University of California, Irvine
Quantum dynamics in the condensed phase
10 January 2011Alexis Diaz-Torres
University of Surrey, UK
Quantum decoherence in low-energy nuclear reaction dynamics?
17 January 2011Maryam Roghani
Universität Freiburg
Dynamics of entanglement in a driven trapped ion
31 January 2011Pierfrancesco DiCintioMethane clusters under intense x-ray pulses
21 February 2011Martin WinterDiffraction patterns of ensembles of small molecules
28 February 2011Milan SindelkaDerivation of coupled Maxwell-Schrödinger equations describing matter-laser interaction from first principles of quantum electrodynamics
7 March 2011Alexander KästnerUnconventional rescattering in strong long-wavelength pulses

Group meetings, spring/summer 2010

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


20 January
Abraham Camacho
National Polytechnic Inst. Mexico City
On a numerical method for particle size determination in polymer emulsions by means of dynamic light scattering
25 JanuaryRejish Nath3D-roton excitation and supersolids in laser-driven Bose-Einstein Condensates
8 FebruaryAlex Eisfeldtba
15 February
Elias Diesen
University Stockholm
Lorentz and Fano lineshapes as limits in decay models with random interaction
15 February
13:30 p.m.
Joachim Seibt
Uni Wuerzburg
Theoretical investigations on the spectroscopy of molecular aggregates
22 FebruaryChristian KöhlerUV pulse compression in Xenon
1 MarchWeibin LiBound by reflection: Binding mechanisms of ultralong range Rydberg molecules
22 MarchChristian Lösche
Friedrich Schiller-Univ. Jena
Numerical modeling of laser induced phase transitions in silicon
29 MarchIhar Babushkin
WIAS Berlin
Generation of terahertz radiation from ionizing two-color laser pulses
12 AprilFelix Dreisow
University Jena
Waveguide lattices as a model system for solid state phenomena
19 AprilRobert Conte
CEA, CMLA, France
New closed form traveling waves of the cubic-quintic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
3 MayMarkus Müller
University Innsbruck
10 MaySebastian WüsterNewton's cradle and entanglement in a flexible Rydberg chain
17 MaySang Wook KimMaxwell's demon in quantum wonderland
31 MayFabian MaucherNonlocal solitons
12 JulyClemens Gneitingtba
26 JulyDaniel Harbusch
Radio frequency pulsed-gate charge spectroscopy on coupled quantum dots
9 AugustUlrike Selig
Universität Würzburg
Coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy
23 AugustJad C. Halimeh
MPIQ und LMU München
Photorealistic images of carpet cloaks

Group meetings, fall/winter 2009/2010

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


12 OctoberSevilay SevincliNon-linear optics in (non)-interacting Rydberg gas
19 OctoberFelipe Morales
Double-photon double ionization of H2 using ECS and pump probe siumlations
26 OctoberEmmanuel D'Humieres
CELIA Bordeaux
Investigation of high intensity laser proton acceleration using low density targets
09 NovemberGeorg BannaschRydberg atom formation in strongly correlated ultracold neutral plasmas
16 NovemberKlaus HornbergerCohrence and decoherence in molecular systems
09 DecemberCharles K. Rhodes
University of Illinois-Chicago
Cryptographic treatment of the particle mass scale
20 JanuaryAbraham Camacho
National Polytechnic Inst. Mexico City
On a numerical method for particle size determination in polymer emulsions by means of dynamic light scattering
25 JanuaryRejish Nath3D-roton excitation and supersolids in laser-driven Bose-Einstein Condensates
08 FebruaryAlexander Eisfeldtba
15 FebruaryJoachim Seibt
Uni Würzburg
Theoretical investigations on the spectroscopy of molecular aggregates
22 FebruaryChristian Kö:hlerUV pulse compession in Xenon

Group meetings, spring/summer 2009

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


9 MarchRoman SchmeissnerPhotophysical study of photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer (PET) on Ru [...] complexes
16 MarchNils Henkel
TU Clausthal
Density functional theory and its application to antiproton-helium collisions
23 MarchSvitlana Bugaychuk
Institute of Physics Kiev
The dissipative four-wave mixing model: Reductive perturbation to the complex Ginzburg Landau equation
30 MarchUlrich GalsterSymmetry effects in predissociation of triatomic hydrogen
20 AprilLuke E Chipperfield
Imperial College London
The perfect wave for maximising the energy of laser driven electron recollisions
21 AprilIris Reichenbach
University of New Mexico
Quantum control and quantum computing with alkali-earth-like atoms
27 AprilRoland GuichardStudy of Xenon and Neon irradiated by strong laser pulses: A TDDFT approach
18 MayWeibin LiDephasing dynamics in dipole-blocked Rydberg atom ensembles
03 JuneMarkus Mueller
University Innsbruck
Digital quantum simulations with Rydberg atoms
08 JuneJovica StanojevicConical intersections of periodic potentials
Monday, 22 JuneAndrey LyubonkoCollective modes in ultracold plasma
Tuesday, 23 JunePierfrancesco Di CintioSome aspects of relaxation in n-body dynamical systems: A numerical approach
29 JuneMyroslaw ZapukhlyakInsights into the atomic many-particle dynamics of scattering processes via ab-initio calculations
06 JulyAlexey MikaberidzeAtomic and molecular clusters under intense laser irradiation
13 JulyChristian Gnodtketba

Group meetings, fall/winter 2008/2009

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


8 SeptemberShaohao ChenTheoretical study on fully relativistic atomic structures and time-dependent wave-packet dynamics
16 September
Ram Kuntal Hazra
Kolkata, India
Quantum adiabaticity and artificial atoms
29 SeptemberUwe Hergenhahn
MPI for Plasma Physics and BESSY, Berlin
Recent experiments on cluster photoionization and autoionization
2 OctoberMohamadu Alidou
Douala, Cameroon
Pattern formation in dissipative systems: The discrete complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
13 OctoberGeorg BannaschHeisenberg antiferromagnets with uniaxial anisotropic exchange interaction and cubic anisotropy
20 OctoberNorio TakemotoControlling the three-dimensional orientation of chiral molecules by intense bichromatic laser fields
27 OctoberAlexander EisfeldThe J- and H-band of molecular aggregates
10 NovemberPaula RiviereStrong field dynamics with electron wave packet replicas
18 NovemberOlaf UhdenWave packet interference
1 DecemberSebastian WüsterCreating the analogue of Hawking radiation in ultracold gases
16 DecemberMartin BercxMagnetic field induced semimetal-to-canted-antiferromagnet transition on the honeycomb lattice
5 January 2009Rejish Nath
Leibniz University Hannover
Instabilities in 2D dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
12 JanuaryManfred KleberQuantum clocks and the tunneling-time problem
19 JanuaryMarcus W BeimsDissipation and transport dynamics in a ratchet coupled to a structured bath
26 JanuaryJoachim Herrmann
MBI Berlin
Soliton-induced supercontinuum generation
23 FebruaryStefan SkupinAzimuthons in nonlocal nonlinear media

Group meetings, spring/summer 2008

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


3 MarchSebastian WuesterFirst principles many-body quantum theory in very large Hilbert spaces
31 MarchCarsten Krüger
Weierstraß-Institut Berlin
Asymptotic pulse shapes in filamentary propagation of femtosecond pulses
7 AprilThomas PohlBreaking the dipole blockade - Genuine many-body interactions in cold Rydberg gases
14 AprilJovica StanojevicMany-body dynamics of Rydberg excitation using the expansion in powers of the Rabi frequency
21 AprilIonut GeorgescuRare-gas clusters in intense VUV laser fields
28 AprilAlexander CroyTime-resolved electron transport in double quantum dots
5 MayA. KenfackQuantum resonances, current reversals and chaos in ratchet systems
19 MayChristian GnodtkeDelayed Coulomb explosion of atomic clusters in helium droplets exposed to XFEL pulses
26 MayAranya BhattacharjeeFaraday instability in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate
2 JuneIvan LiuRydberg Borromean Trimers
9 JuneAlexander EisfeldQuantum aggregates
16 JuneJan RodenAbsorption and energy transfer of molecular aggregates
23 JuneMichael Schulz
University of Missouri, Rolla
Recent developments in kinematically complete experiments on basic atomic fragmentation processes
28 JulyDaniel BuccolieroSolitons and localized structures in nonlocal nonlinear media
1 AugustRick Mucherjee, Cambridge (UK)title to be announced
4 AugustSlava ShatokhinCoherent backscattering of light from saturated atoms

Group meetings, fall/winter 2007/2008

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 1D1


8 October 2007Aranya BhattacherjeeQuantum optical lattices
15 OctoberAlexander JurischTrapping cold atoms by quantum reflection
22 OctoberMichail KozlovSearch for space-time variation of the fine structure constant and proton-to--electron mass ratio
29 OctoberMing-Chiang ChungBose-Einstein Condensation in a periodic potential - a perturbation approach
5 NovemberAlexey MikaberidzeCoherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy: Nonlinear technique for time-resolved measurements
12 NovemberAmar Nath SilDoubly excited 3dnf(1,3Do) states of Helium-like systems for n=4,5,6
26 NovemberInternational Workshop on Atomic Physics
3 DecemberUlf Saalmann"Houston we've had a problem"
10 DecemberVitali AverbukhAb initio photoionization cross-sections by Stieltjes imaging of Lanczos pseudospectra
17 DecemberLi WeibinMany-body dynamics of attractive Bose gas on a ring
14 January 2008Ulrich GalsterWhat is so geometric about the phase?
Some nice experiments revealing geometric phase effects
21 JanuaryJayendra BandyopadhyayOperator entanglement
28 JanuaryAndrey LyubonkoResonances in ultracold plasma. Collective effects
18 FebruaryMickael GrechControl of the propagation of randomized laser beams in inertial confinement fusion plasmas
25 FebruaryYurii DuminMultiple resonances in the non-neutral plasma clusters

Group meetings, spring/summer 2007

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 1D1


5 March 2007Fernando de MeloHybrid cavity QED on a chip: Measuring the Wigner Function of the field
12 MarchAlexey PonomarevBloch oscillations of Fermi atoms in a 1D optical lattice
29 MarchAndrey KazanskyAttosecond ionisation of atoms by attosecond pulse in strong infra-red laser fields: Streaking effect,
rolt of polarisation of the initial state by laser, rescattering of the ejected electrons
2 AprilFeng HeAb initio calculation of the interaction of hydrogen atom and hydrogen molecular ions with intense ultrafast laser pulses
16 AprilAranya B. BhattacherjeeDynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical superlattice
23 AprilCelal HarabatiSemiclassical initial value calculation of collinear helium atom
30 AprilAmar Nath SilAtomic structure calculations under plasma confinement
21 MayMarcelo F. CiappinaSingle ionizatio by ion impact: from Rutherford to COLTRIMS
4 JuneChristian Schmid
MPQ Garching
Experimental analysis of multi-photon entanglement
11 JuneAlexander CroyTime-resolved electron transport through quantum dot systems
18 JuneMing-Chiang ChungBloch oscillation instability of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in an optical lattice
16 JulyAranya B. BhattacherjeeRecent developments in BEC
6 AugustRoberto D. Rivarola
Universidad de Rosario, Argentina
Coherent electron emission from molecular target
13 AugustLukas PichlDissociative recombination of diatomic molecular ions
10 SeptemberThomas Niederhausen
Kansas State Univ.
Vibrational dynamics of the D2+ molecule

Group meetings, fall/winter 2006/2007

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 1D1


4 SeptemberBijaya SahooOptical frequency standards with single ions: A probable candidate Ba+
9 OctoberJayendra BanyopadhyayEntanglement in quantum chaotic systems: An overview
16 OctoberPaula RiviereDissociative adsorption and scattering of H2 molecules from the NiAl(110)
23 OctoberIvo Kabadshow
Forschungszentrum Jülich
The fast multipole method - a linear scaling Coulomb solver
13 NovemberAlexey MikaberidzeDynamics of heteronuclear clusters in strong laser fields
20 NovemberCenap AtesRate description of the excitation dynamics in an ultracold Rydberg gas
27 NovemberAtomic Physics Workshop
18 DecemberIgor Dotsenko
Uni Bonn
Single neutral atoms: From an abacus to quantum computing
8 January 2007Ranaul IslamNoble-gas atomic clusters illuminated by intense femtosecond laser pulses
22 JanuaryAndrei LyubonkoCollective modes in ultracold plasmas
12 FebruaryAlexander Eisfeld
Universität Freiburg
Optical properties of quantum aggregates
19 FebruaryCamilo Ruiz MendezCorrelated double ionization of He

Group meetings, spring/summer 2006

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 1D1


13 FebruaryDario F. Martinez
Rafael A. Molina
Delocalization induced by low-frequency driving in disordered tight-binding lattices
27 FebruaryUlrich KleimanDouble photoionization of atoms and ions using the time-dependent close coupling method
6 MarchMario De MenechEnergy resolved STM mapping of C60 on metal surfaces, and more ...
27 MarchPhilip Walczak
Uni Freiburg
The absorption spectrum of the molecular dimer
24 AprilIvan LiuUltracold Rydberg atom in a structured and disordered environment
17 JulyPhay Hoe-e correlated photo-electric effect: Strong field multiple ionization and its classical features
24 JulyThomas BartschThe geometry of time-dependent transition states
31 JulyOlivier BrodierWhat is entanglement of a mixed state?
9 August
Ricardo Torres
Imperial College London
High harmonic generation in aligned organic molecules

Group meetings, fall/winter 2005/2006

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 1D1


24. OctoberElena Kolganova
Three atomic helium systems within Faddeev approach
7. NovemberWim Vanroose
Universiteit Leuven
Complete photo-induced breakup of the hydrogen molecule as a probe of molecular electron correlation
21. NovemberAndre CarvalhoUnraveling entanglement
28. NovemberAtomic Physics Workshop
5. DecemberAlexei MeremianinCollective rotations and the quantum N-body problem
12. DecemberBijaya Kumar SahooApplication of coupled-cluster theory to parity non-conservation in atoms
19. DecemberArvid RequateInelastic vibronic ionization of diatomic molecules in intense laser fields
16. JanuaryRashid NazmitdinovSpin-orbit effect in two-dimensional semiconductors in a magnetic field
23. JanuaryMarcus BeimsOrigin of chaos in soft interactions and signatures of non-ergodicity
30. JanuaryChristian GnodtkeImaging of atom clusters with intense femtosecond XFEL pulses

Group meetings, spring/summer 2005

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


4. April 2005Ivan YastremskyThe scattering of spin waves by magnetic vortices in two-dimensional weakly
easy-plane ferromagnet
11. AprilArjendu PattanayakCoherence and decoherence in classical and quantum distribution dynamics
18. AprilSungyun KimA new way of defining unstable state
25. AprilKamal SinghTheoretical and experimental study of stochastic resonances and interactions between
noises in a vectorial bistable laser. Applications to Schmitt trigger and to climate dynamics
9. MayKlaus Richter
Uni Regensburg
Spin phenomena in quantum transport at mesoscopic scales
23. MaySamuel B. RojasPressure effects on finite systems
27. JunePier A. MelloStatistical scattering of waves in disordered waveguides:
From microscopic potentials to limiting macroscopic statistics
4. JulyValentin OstrovskyPrimary and secondary threshold laws for multifragmentation processes
11. JulyArtem DudarevManipulation of ultracold atoms with optical potentials
25. JulyCarlos ViviescasSemiclassical propagators of the Wigner function
8. AugustLukas PichlPositron annihilation in dipole-bound states on molecules
22. AugustThomas PohlLaser-interaction with cold ensembles: From cold atoms to ultracold plasmas and back
29. AugustNorio Takemoto
University Tokyo
Alignment and orientation of asymmetric top molecules in intense laser field
12. SeptemberEdward ArevaloSelf-focusing of femtosecond laser pulses in gases

Group meetings, fall/winter 2004

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


18. OctoberSilvio Baier, TU DDtba
25. OctoberMarioMetallic clusters at surfaces
1. NovemberSrihari
8. NovemberNenad SimonovicTwo-electron quantum dots in magnetic field: Symmetries, integrability and spectra
15. NovemberRanaulIon-energy distribution for clusters irradiated by intense laser pulses
22. November BjörnOn interference effects in molecular recombination
29. NovemberATOM2004
6. December Andreas Be.High harmonic generation
13. DecemberOleg PrezhdoAb initio studies of ultrafast interfacial electron injection from organic chromophores into TiO2 surface
10. January 2005Xiaoyan GuSeparation of global rotational degrees of freedom in a quantum N-body system
17. JanuaryStephanOptical properties of molecular chains
24. JanuaryHolger Hennig, Univ. HeidelbergCharge migration due to electron correlation in molecules: Development of a non-Dyson-method
04. FebruaryCamilo Ruez Méndez, Univ. SalamancaOne dimensional models of Helium and Lithium in strong laser fields
07. FebruaryLeeor Kronik, Weizmann Institute, RehovothTheory of nano-materials, spintronic materials, and nano-spintronic materials
21. FebruaryMarcus BeimsEnvironment dependent transport in multiple-asymmetric-well-potentials

Group meetings, spring/summer 2004

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


19. JanuaryCelalLong-time accuracy of semiclassical initial value representations
2. FebruaryManfredThoughts on strong-field ionization of C60
11. February.EAS meeting in Riezlern
16. FebruaryMarioTurbulence and self-organized criticality
23.-25. February.Group seminar in Gohrisch
1. MarchUlfBasics on mesoscopic quantum transport
15. MarchDaniel DundasMolecules and clusters in intense laser fields
5. AprilVasily StrelkovAttosecond pulses generation with ellipticity-modulated fundamental
16. April
Sergey Fomichev,
MBI Berlin
Nonlinear electron dynamics in laser-irradiated clusters
19. AprilBärbel Siegmann,
Univ. Bielefeld
Ionization and fragmentation of small molecules by fast ions
17. MayThomas Baier,
TU München
Decoherence and the emergence of classicality in quantum optics
21. May
Michael Mundt,
Univ. Erlangen
Semi-classical description of embedded metal clusters
24. MayOle Sorensen,
Binary correlations among bosons - a few-body approach
7. JuneStefan Rotter,
TU Wien
Tunable Fano resonances in transport through quantum billiards
14. JuneTimoleon Crepin KofaneModulational instability and spatiotemporal transition to chaos in the discrete complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau Equation
21. JuneAnatole Kenfack
Negativity of the Wigner function as an indicator of nonclassicality
26. AugustCenap Ates,
Uni Augsburg
Density fluctuations of a hard-core Bose gas in a one-dimensional lattice

Group meetings, fall/winter 2003

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


14. July 03Chien-Nan Liu, TaiwanHyperspherical close-coupling calculations for charge-transfer processes in slow ion-atom collisions
08. SeptemberRoman KraisPositron Emission Tomography (PET) - What it is and how it works
13. OctoberEduard TsoyNonlinear dynamics of pulses in Bragg gratings and optical fibers"
20. OctoberIvoAtomic scattering from Bose-Einstein condensates
27. OctoberBjörnStudies on distributions of photoelectrons from fixed-in-space molecules
03. NovemberAgnieszkaSignatures of molecular orientation and orbital symmetry in strong-field ionization of molecules
10. NovemberImrePhotoionization of helium and optimized short laser pulses of helium transitions (coherent control)
17. NovemberChristianClusters in VUV fields
24. NovemberVyacheslavSaturation effects in coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms
01. DecemberIonutPattern formation upon femtosecond laser ablation of transparent dielectrica

Group meetings, spring/summer 2003

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


20. January Luis Plaja, Univ. Salamanca (Spain)Relativistic electrons in strong electromagnetic fields
28. January
10.30 am
Michael Thorwart, Delft UniversityCorrelated tunneling in Luttinger liquid quantum dots
3. February
Lincoln Carr, E.N.S. ParisDynamics of a matter-wave bright soliton in an expulsive potential
10. February
Anatole KenfackOptimal representation of Wigner distributions by coherent states
3. March
RanaulClassical ionization of clusters in intense VUV laser pulses
10. March
Andrei Nefiodov, TU DresdenDouble K-shell ionization of atoms by a single photon
17. March
CelalHierarchy of semiclassical wave-packet dynamics
31. March
AgapiQuasiclassical double photoionization from the 21,3S excited states of helium
7. April
Boris FineLong-range fluctuations of random potential landscape and 1/f noise in amorphous silicon
14. April
Przemek Panek, Warsaw UniversityElectron-electron scattering in presence of a strong laser field
28. April
Andre R. R. de CarvalhoQuantum chaos and decoherence
29. April
Rashid NazmitdinovSymmetry breaking and random phase approximation in small quantum dots
12. May
Kim Bostroem, Uni PotsdamDynamics and measurement in quantized spacetime
19. May
Ionut Georgescu, TU CottbusPattern formation upon femtosecond laser ablation
27. May
AgapiClassical chaotic scattering for an open quantum system in terms of its chaotic invariant set

10. June
V.O. Nesterenko, MPIPKSNon-dipole low-energy electron modes in deformed clusters
30. JuneThomas PattardUltracold Rydberg gases
14. JulyChien-Nan Liu, TaiwanHyperspherical close-coupling calculations for charge-transfer processes in slow ion-atom collisions

Group meetings, winter 2001 - 2002

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3 


5.11.2001 Vyacheslav Shatokhin, MPIPKSPhysical correlation functions in resonance fluorescence with spectral resolution: their meaning and method of calculation
12.11.2001 Frank Grossmann, TUDWhat you always wanted to know about photoisomerization (and never dared to ask)
20.11.2001 Rafael Gutierrez, TUDElectronic transport in real systems on the nanoscale
3.-7.12.2001 Ringberg Meeting.
10.12.2001 Matthias Uhlmann, TUIonization and fragmentation of molecules in intense laser fields
17.12.2001 PhD Students' DayAn overview of doctoral these
25.2.2002 Celal Harabati, MPIPKSQuantum chaos in many-body system and its application to electron recombination with multicharged ion
8.4.2002 Thomas Pohl, MPIPKSElectron momentum distribution from laser-induced nonsequential double ionization - A simple classical model
22.5.2002 Daniel Dundas, BelfastLaser driven H+2 and H2: Theoretical and computational approaches
3.6.2002 Imre F. BarnaIonization of Helium in heavy-ion collisions
1.7.2002 Tobias SchneiderDouble photoionization of two-electron atoms - a novel approach based on the explicit separation of dominant ionization mechanism
8.7.2002 Klaus DietzAsymptotic solutions of Lindblad equations
3.9.2002 JM Rost, Tobias, Thomas P., MarkusA short overview of group activities I
17.9.2002 Nenad, Ulf, Himadri, ChristianA short overview of group activities II
23.9.2002 Agapi, Ivo, Joachim, Thomas Pohl, Thomas PattardA short overview of group acitvities I
8.10.2002 Ulf, Celal, Imre, Kenfack, Eric HellerA short overview of group activities II
Neset Aközbek
Huntsville, Alabama
White-light continuum generation, filamentation and third-harmonic generation during the propagation of intense ultra-short IR laser pulses
Thomas PattardThe Nobel Prize in Physics 2002
28.10.2002 Andreas Becker, MPIPKSDouble ionization of He in strong laser fields: Shake-off vs. rescattering
4.11.2002 Ole Sorensen, Univ. AarhusBoson systems with large scattering lengths
25.11.2002 Ulf Supersymmetric quantum mechanics I
2.12.2002 Ulf Supersymmetric quantum mechanics II

Group meetings, summer 2001

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


13. August Rainer Hempel, Institute for Analysis, TU BraunschweigQuantum mechanical particles in strong magnetic fields
Julyno seminarssummer break
25. June ChristianBohmian mechanics as a diagnostic tool
18. June Joachim Brand, Univ. WashingtonSolitonic Vortices in trapped Bose Einstein Condensates
11. June HimadriInterchannel coupling effect in photoelectron spin polarization
4. June no seminarPentecôte
28. May Jerome Daligault, CEA GrenobleCoupled non-linear electron and ion dynamics in metal clusters: a 3D approach based on the semi-classical Vlasov equation
21. Mayno seminarWorkshop 'Coherent evolution in noisy environments'
14. May NenadQuantum Life-Times and the Phase-Space Structure
7. May Ludwig Mathey, Uni HeidelbergUniversal Properties of Amorphous Solids: The Microscopic Approach
23. April CarlaResonance-like enhancements in high-harmonic generation
9. April Rashid NazmitdinovShape- and size effects in small quantum dots
2. April no seminarDPG-meeting

Group meeting, winter/spring 2001

Monday 13:30 / Seminar room 3


15. JanuarA. KenfackAbundance of Hopf bifurcations in coupled periodically driven double-well duffing oscillators
22. Januar no seminarArbeitstagung Energiereiche Atomare Stösse, Riezlern
29. Januar Jan-Michael RostA quasiclassical approach to fully differential ionization cross sections
5. FebruarMariano KornbergA proposed experiment on H- for observing a direct multi-photon transition
12. FebruarSandroAnderson localization in atoms
19. FebruarLudger Wirtz, TU WienCharge exchange between highly charged ions and alkali halide surfaces
26. Februarno seminarGentner Symposium, Rehovot
5. MärzLamineCapture of low-energy electrons by simple metal clusters
12. MärzKen TaylorHe double ionization with a few fat photons
19. MärzMengli DuEnhancement of bichromatic high-harmonic generation with a high-frequency field
26. MärzDaniel Faller, Uni FreiburgNon-Markovian dynamics in continuous-wave atom lasers
2. Aprilno seminarDPG-meeting Berlin
16. Aprilno seminarEaster holiday

Group meetings in 2000

20.06.Fabrizio LilloAnomalous diffusion in stochastic processes
29.06.Fabrizio LilloSymmetry breaking of ensemble return distributions in crash and rally days of financial markets
24.07.DuPhotodetachment Microscope
04.09.CarlaControl of high harmonic generation
11.09.PeterClassical triple photoionization of lithium
18.09. ThomasQuantum state preparation via asymptotic completeness
25.09. Jung-Sikp+He Transfer Ionization Process
02.10.ChiennanPhotodetachment of negative ions
09.10.UlfQuantum effects in collision induced dissociation
17.10.KlausSpectral properties of magnetic edge states
23.10.HimadriPhotoionization in the x-ray range: fresh knowledge and new speculations
30.10.TobiasSelected topics in Helium photoionization
06.11.Thomas P.Another look at single-photon mulitple ionization
13.11.IvoElastic scattering of atoms on the Bose-Einstein condensate 
20.11.Zarour Bilel, Univ. MetzCharge transfer in collisions of Na9+ clusters with Cs atoms: A comparison with experiment
27.11.MarkusConcepts for Molecular Motors group meetingWorkshop on dynamical approaches in atomic and cluster physics
11.12.ChristianClusters in strong laser fields
18.12..Special Christmas Seminar (Glühwein)

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