The most current preprints and publications can be found at my google scholar and arXiv pages.


  • Preprint: F. Hummel, P. Schmelcher, and M. T. Eiles "Vibronic interactions in trilobite and butterfly Rydberg molecules." arXiv:2211.16344
  • Preprint: O. Bulancea-Lindvall, M. T. Eiles, N. T. Son, I. A. Abrikoxov, and V. Ivády "Isotope purification induced reduction of spin relaxation and spin coherence times in semiconductors." arXiv:2205.05105
  • Preprint: O. Bulancea-Lindvall, M. T. Eiles, N. T. Son, I. A. Abrikosov, and V. Ivády "Low-field microwave-free sensors using dipolar spin relaxation of quartet spin states in silicon carbide." arXiv:2201.03953


  • Preprint: P. Giannakeas, M. T. Eiles, L. Alonzo, F. Robicheaux, and J. M. Rost "Probing ultracold gases using photoionization spectroscopy" arXiv:2111.11767
  • Preprint: M. T. Eiles, A. Eisfeld, and J. M. Rost "Anderson localization of a Rydberg electron" arXiv:2111.10345
  • G. Abumwis, C. W. Wächlter, M. T. Eiles, and A. Eisfeld "Coherently delocalized states in dipole interacting Rydberg ensembles: the role of internal degeneracies" Physical Review A 104, 013311
  • F. Hummel, M. T. Eiles, and P. Schmelcher "Synthetic Dimension-Induced Conical Intersections in Rydberg Molecules" Physical Review Letters 127, 023003








  • P. L. Gonthier, M. G. Baring, M. T. Eiles, Z. Wadiasingh, C. A. Taylor, and C. J. Fitch, "Compton scattering in strong magnetic fields: Spin-dependent influences at the cyclotron resonance", Physical Review D  90, 043014