Transport and flows in complex environments

Welcome to our group "Transport and flows in complex environments"

Our research focuses on the physics of non-equilibrium soft and, particularly, active matter. We are interested in the motion of active agents, such as swimming microorganisms or self-propelled colloids, and externally driven particles. Unraveling their transport behaviors in different environments, which are characterized by geometrical disorder, chemical fields, and flows, is important for our understanding of microbiological processes and novel microfluidic applications. 

To investigate these research themes we use analytical and computational tools from statistical physics and fluid mechanics and closely interact with our experimental colleagues. For more information on our past and ongoing projects have a look at Research.

We always enjoy new challenges and collaborations! If you are interested in our work or would like to join as a PhD student or Postdoc, feel free to reach out by sending an email to ckurzthaler[at]pks.mpg(dot)de or apply to open positions via Join us.