Submitted manuscripts and preprints

  • Pierre A. Haas*,# and Stephanie S. M. H. Höhn*,#
    "Cut it out: Out-of-plane stresses in cell sheet folding of Volvox embryos"
    (biorXiv preprint, 2023)
  • Yu Meng, Szabolcs Horvát, Carl D. Modes#, and Pierre A. Haas#
    "Impossible ecologies: Interaction networks and stability of coexistence in ecological communities"
    (arXiv preprint, 2023)
  • Angus Inman, Judith E. Lutton, Elisabeth Spiritosanto, Masazumi Tada, Till Bretschneider, Pierre A. Haas#, and Michael Smutny#
    "A multi-tiered mechanical mechanism shapes the early neural plate"
    (biorXiv preprint, 2023)
  • Julien Delpierre, José I. Valenzuela, Matthew J. Bovyn, Nuno Pimpao Martins, Lenka Belicova, Urska Repnik, Maarten P. Bebelman, Sarah Seifert, Pierre A. Haas, L. Yannis Kalaidzidis, and Marino Zerial#
    "Hepatoblast iterative apicobasal polarization is regulated by extracellular matrix remodeling"
    (biorXiv preprint, 2024)



  • Maarten P. Bebelman*, Matthew J. Bovyn*, Carlotta M. Mayer, J. Delpierre, Ronald Naumann, Nuno P. Martins, Alf
    Honigmann, Yannis Kalaidzidis, Pierre A. Haas#, Marino Zerial#
    "Hepatocyte apical bulkheads provide a mechanical means to oppose bile pressure",
    J. Cell Biol. 222, e202208002 (2023)
  • Martine Ben Amar#, Pasquale Ciarletta#, Pierre A. Haas#,
    "Morphogenesis in space offers challenges and opportunities for soft matter and biophysics",
    Comm. Phys. 6, 150 (2023)






  • Pierre A. Haas*, Stephanie S. M. H. Höhn*, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Julius B. Kirkegaard, and Raymond E. Goldstein#,
    "The noisy basis of morphogenesis: Mechanisms and Mechanics of Cell Sheet Folding Inferred from Developmental Variability",
    PLoS Biology 16, e2005536 (2018)




  • James W. J. Anderson#, Pierre A. Haas, Leigh-Anne Mathieson, Vladimir Volynkin, Rune Lyngsø, Paula Tataru, and Jotun Hein,
    "Oxfold: kinetic folding of RNA using stochastic context-free grammars and evolutionary information",
    Bioinformatics 29, 704 (2013)