Dissertations of the Department

Jacqueline Janssen
(TU Dresden, 2023)
Coarsening Kinetics of Chemically-Active Emulsions[30,1 MB, pdf]
Sudarshana Laha
(TU Dresden, 2023)
Chemical reactions controlled through compartmentalization: Applications to bottom-up design of synthetic life[19,1 MB, pdf]
Felix Meigel
(TU Dresden, 2023)
Multi-Scale Fluctuations in Non-Equilibrium Systems: Statistical Physics and Biological Application[37,8 MB, pdf]
Giacomo Bartolucci
(TU Dresden, 2023)
Control of condensate shape and composition via chemical reaction networks[18,2 MB, pdf]
Jonathan Bauermann
(TU Dresden, 2022)
Organization of Chemical Reactions by Phase Separation[31,1 MB, pdf]
Martin Miranda
(TU Dresden, 2022)
The Dynamics of Active Filaments[18,9 MB, pdf]
Fabrizio Olmeda
(TU Dresden, 2022)
Nonequilibrium Physics of Single-Cell Genomics[19,0 MB, pdf]
Adolfo Alsina López
(TU Dresden, 2021)
Structuring microscopic dynamics with macroscopic feedback
From social insects to artificial intelligence
[17,2 MB, pdf]
Arghyadip Mukherjee
(TU Dresden, 2021)
Physics of Oocyte Growth and Selection
A mesoscopic perspective
[18,9 MB, pdf]
Johanna Dickmann
(TU Dresden, 2020)
Formation of long-ranged morphogen gradients by cell-to-cell relay[20,5 MB, pdf]
Omar Adame Arana
(TU Dresden, 2020)
Chemical control of liquid phase separation in the cell[11,4 MB, pdf]
Rabea Seyboldt
(TU Dresden, 2019)
The dynamics of chemically active droplets[28,1 MB, pdf]
Samuel Krüger
(TU Dresden, 2019)
Positioning of Droplets in Inhomogeneous Fluids[7,3 MB, pdf]
Alexander Mietke
(TU Dresden, 2018)
Dynamics of active surfaces[23,3 MB, pdf]
André Scholich
(TU Dresden, 2018)
Biaxial Nematic Order in Liver Tissue[5,4 MB, pdf]
Wolfram Pönisch
(TU Dresden, 2018)
Dynamics of bacterial aggregates - theory guided by experiments[10,9 MB, pdf]
Wenwen Huang
(TU Dresden, 2018)
Theoretical study of pulled polymer loops as a model for fission yeast chromosome 
Gary Klindt
(TU Dresden, 2017
Hydrodynamics of flagellar swimming and synchronization[23,9 MB, pdf]
Marko Popovic
(TU Dresden, 2017)
Continuum mechanics of developing epithelia: Shaping a fly wing[56,8 MB, pdf]
Silvanus Alt
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Epithelial Mechanics in 3D - how form follows force[83 MB, pdf]
Jochen Schneider
(TU Dresden, 2016)
The interplay of the cell membrane with the cytoskeleton[3,7 MB, pdf]
Steffen Werner
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Growth and Scaling during Development and Regeneration[4,8 MB, pdf]
Anna Erzberger
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Actomyosin mechanics at the cell level[7,5 MB, pdf]
Pablo Sartori Velasco
(TU Dresden, 2015)
Effect of curvature and normal forces on motor regulation of cilia[11,9 MB, pdf]
David Jörg
(TU Dresden, 2014)
Genetic Oscillations and Vertebrate Embryonic Development[16,3 MB, pdf]
Matthias Merkel
(TU Dresden, 2014)
From cells to tissues:
Remodeling and polarity reorientation in epithelial tissues
[31 MB, pdf]
Florian Fruth
(TU Dresden, 2014)
Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in an active nonlinear time domain model of the cochlea[8,2 MB, pdf]
David Zwicker
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Physical Description of Centrosomes as Active Droplets[6,1 MB, pdf]
Maryam Aliee
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Dynamics and mechanics of compartment boundaries in developing tissues[13,5 MB, pdf]
Gesa Böhme
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Emergence and persistence of diversity in complex networks[6,3 MB, pdf]
Bhavna Rajasekaran
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Analysis of Movement of Cellular Oscillators in the Pre-somitic Mesoderm of the Zebrafish Embryo[16,3 MB, pdf]
Jöbin Gharakhani
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Cell Cytoplasm Compartmentalization: Localization Through Gradients[14,9 MB, pdf]
Lucas Wetzel
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Effects of Distributed Delays in Systems of Coupled Phase Oscillators[17,1 MB, pdf]
Johannes Höfener
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Networks of delay-coupled delay oscillators[2,7 MB, pdf]
Jonathan Dawson
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Dynamics of endosomal trafficking[27,9 MB, pdf]
Sebastian Fürthauer
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Active Chiral Processes in Soft Biological Matter[15,5 MB, pdf]
Jonas Ranft
(Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris
TU Dresden, 2012)
Mechanics of Growing Tissues: A Continuum Description Approach[11,4 MB, pdf]
Douglas Staple
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Understanding Mechanics and Polarity in Two-Dimensional Tissues[18 MB, pdf]
Peer Mumcu
(TU Dresden, 2011)
Self-organized Growth in Developing Epithelia[13,3 MB, pdf]
Anne-Ly Do
(Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, 2011)
Self-organization in Continuous Adaptive Networks[1,1 MB, pdf]
Kai Dierkes
(TU Dresden, 2010)
Nonlinear Amplification by Active Sensory Hair Bundles[40,3 MB, pdf]
Reza Farhadifar
(TU Dresden, 2009)
Dynamics of Cell Packing and Polar Order in Developing Epithelia[11,7 MB, pdf]
Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich
(Universität des Saarlandes, 2009)
Pattern Formation by the Min system of Escherichia coli10,9 MB, pdf
Benjamin Friedrich
(TU Dresden, 2009)
Chemotaxis of Sperm Cells4,7 MB, pdf
Thomas Bittig
(TU Dresden, 2008)
Morphogenic Signaling in Growing Tissues4,9 MB, pdf
Lars Rudolf
(University Potsdam, 2008)
Population Dynamics in Theory and Experiment: An Investigation of Species Interactions on Different Scales of Complexity4,2 MB, pdf
Eva-Maria Schötz
(TU Dresden, 2007)
Dynamics and Mechanics of Zebrafish Embryonic Tissues16,1 MB, pdf
Nils Becker
(TU Dresden, 2007)
Sequence Dependent Elasticity of DNA3,6 MB, pdf
Giovanni Meacci
(TU Dresden, 2006
Physical Aspects of Min Oscillations in Escherichia Coli3,7 MB, pdf
Peter Borowski
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Stochastic Dynamics in Olfactory Signal Transduction and Development7,4 MB, pdf
Gernot Klein
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Theoretical Aspects of Motor Protein Induced Filament Depolymerisation9,6 MB, pdf
Andreas Hilfinger
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Dynamics of Cilia and Flagella5,9 MB, pdf
Alexander Zumdieck
(TU Dresden, 2005)
Dynamics of Active Filament Systems36,3 MB, pdf
Tobias Bollenbach
(TU Dresden, 2005)
Formation of Morphogen Gradients8,3 MB, pdf
Björn Nadrowski
(University Paris 7, 2004)
Mechanical Properties of Active Hair-Bundles4,4 MB, pdf
Thomas Risler
(University Paris 6, 2003)
Critical Behavior of Coupled Oscillators8,9 MB, pdf