Research activities


  • theoretical aspects of complex dynamics, nonlinear stochastic processes.
  • the relationship between dynamics and statistical physics, nonequilibrium statistical physics and fluctuation theorems
    extreme events
  • novel concepts for time series analysis, essentially based on the idea of reconstruction of a state space from observations.
    Time series software package TISEAN
  • data analysis, modeling, and prediction in atmospheric physics: ensemble forecasts, skill scores, systematic errors, effects of long range correlations, identification of trends

Current PhD projects

  • Theoretical foundations and properties of Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) (Marc Höll)
  • Detection and characterization of transport barriers in 2-D hydrodynamic flows, Lagrangian coherent structures (Benedict Lünsmann)
  • Large deviation probabilities for correlated time series and the accuracy of time averages in dynamical systems and climate time series (Mozhdeh Massah)
  • Identification of trends underlying extremes and record breaking in weather data (Philipp Müller)
  • Cascading extremes, general weather patterns, and climate change in selected European regions (Carl Schertel)
  • Reconstruction of drivers in linear response models of the atmosphere (Philipp Meyer)
  • Data models with prescribed correlations but non-Gaussian marginal distributions (Katja Polotzek)