Publications of all group members and guests with PKS affiliation

Prediction error growth in a more realistic atmospheric toy model with three spatiotemporal scales
Hynek Bednar and Holger Kantz
Geosci. Model Dev. 15, 4147–4161 (2022)

Passive tracer advection in the equatorial Pacific region: statistics, correlations, and a model of fractional Brownian motion
Imre M. Jánosi, Amin Padash, Jason A.C. Gallas, and Holger Kantz
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Moses, Noah and Joseph Effects in Lévy Walks
E. Aghion, P. Meyer, V. Adlakha, H. Kantz, K. Bassler
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Leveraging large-deviation statistics to decipher the stochastic properties of measured trajectories
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Characterizing variability and predictability for air pollutants with stochastic models
Philipp G. Meyer, Holger Kantz, Yu Zhou
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Role of thermal fluctuations in biological copying mechanisms
Moupriya Das and Holger Kantz
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Time reversal symmetry and the difference between relaxations and building-up periods
Philipp Meyer & Holger Kantz
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Anomalous diffusion in the citation time series of scientific publications
Maryam Zamani, Erez Aghion, Peter Pollner, Tamas Vicsek, Holger Kantz
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Benchmarking prediction skill in binary El Niño forecasts
Xinjia Hu, Jan Eichner, Eberhard Faust, Holger Kantz< br/> Clim Dyn 58, 1049–1063 (2021)

Using Climate Factors to Estimate Flood Economic Loss Risk
Xinjia Hu, Ming Wang, Kai Liu, Daoyi Gong & Holger Kantz
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Inertia triggers nonergodicity of fractional Brownian motion
Cherstvy, A. G., Wang, W., Metzler, R., & Sokolov, I. M
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Combined wind-solar electricity production potential over north-western Africa
Jánosi, Imre M.; Medjdoub, Karim; Vincze, Miklos
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A new argument against cooling by convective air eddies formed above sunlit zebra stripes
Pereszlenyi, A., Szaz, D., Jánosi, I. M., & Horvath, G.
Scientific Reports 11 15797 (2021)

Laboratory experiments on the influence of stratification and a bottom sill on seiche damping
Medjdoub, K., Jánosi, I. M., & Vincze, M.
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Scaled geometric Brownian motion features sub- or superexponential ensemble-averaged, but linear time-averaged mean-squared displacements
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Objective comparison of methods to decode anomalous diffusion
Munoz-Gil, G., Volpe, G., Garcia-March, M. A., Aghion, E., Argun, A., Hong, C. B., et al.
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Extremes and extremal indices for level set observables on hyperbolic systems
Carney, M., Holland, M., & Nicol, M.
Nonlinearity 34 1136-1167 (2021)

Logistic map trajectory distributions: Renormalization-group, entropy, and criticality at the transition to chaos
Diaz-Ruelas, A., Baldovin, F., & Robledo, A.
Chaos 31 033112 (2021)

Fragile many-body ergodicity from action diffusion
Mithun, T., Danieli, C., Fistul, M. V., Altshuler, B. L., & Flach, S.
Physical Review E 104 014218 (2021)

Nonlinear caging in all-bands-flat lattices
Danieli, C., Andreanov, A., Mithun, T., & Flach, S.
Physical Review B 104 085131 (2021)

Quantum caging in interacting many-body all-bands-flat lattices
Danieli, C., Andreanov, A., Mithun, T., & Flach, S.
Physical Review B 104 085132 (2021)

Data-driven model of the power-grid frequency dynamics
Leonardo Rydin Gorjão, Mehrnaz Anvari, Holger Kantz, Christian Beck, Dirk Witthaut, Marc Timme, and Benjamin Sch@auml;fer
IEEE Access 8 43082-43097 (2020) doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2967834

Stochastic properties of the frequency dynamics in real and synthetic power grids
Mehrnaz Anvari, Leonardo Rydin Gorjão, Marc Timme, Dirk Witthaut, Benjamin Sch%auml;fer, Holger Kantz
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Identifying characteristic timescales in power grid frequency fluctuations with DFA
P.G. Meyer, M. Anvari, H. Kantz
CHAOS 30, 013130 (2020)

Probabilistic properties of detrended fluctuation analysis for Gaussian processes
Grzegorz Sikora, Marc Höll, Janusz Gajda, Holger Kantz, Aleksei Checkin, Agnieszka Wylomanska
Phys. Rev. E 101, 032114 (2020)

Robust regional clustering and modeling of nonstationary summer temperature extremes across Germany
Meagan Carney, Holger Kantz
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Stochastic resonance and hysteresis in climate with state dependent fluctuations
Moupriya Das and Holger Kantz
Phys. Rev. E 101, 062145 (2020)

An ARFIMA-based model for daily precipitation amounts with direct access to fluctuations
Katja Polotzek, Holger Kantz
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 34, 1487-1505 (2020)

Evolution and Transformation of Scientific Knowledge over the Sphaera Corpus: A Network Study
Maryam Zamani, Alejandro Tejedor, Malte Vogl, Florian Kräutli, Matteo Valleriani, & Holger Kantz
Scientific Reports 10, 19822 (2020)

Rare Events in Complex Systems
M. Carney, H. Kantz, M. Nicol
in: O. Junge, O. Schütze, G. Froyland, S. Ober-Blb̈aum, K. Padberg-Gehle eds.: Advances in Dynamics, Optimization and Computation, Springer (2020), ISBN 978-3-030-51263-7

Spring onset forecast using harmonic analysis on daily mean temperature in Germany
Q. Deng, Ph. Meyer, Z. Fu, H. Kantz
Environmental Research Letters 15, 104069 (2020)

On star-convex volumes in 2-D hydrodynamical flows and their relevance for coherent transport
Benedict Lünsmann & Holger Kantz
CHAOS 30, 123147 (2020)

On the Motion of Substance in a Channel of a Network: Extended Model and New Classes of Probability Distributions
Nikolay K. Vitanov, Kaloyan N. Vitanov, Holger Kantz
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Fractional Brownian motion with random diffusivity: emerging residual nonergodicity below the correlation time
Wang, W., Cherstvy, A. G., Chechkin V, A., Thapa, S., Seno, F., Liu, X., et al.
Journal of Physics A 53 474001 (2020) doi:10.1088/1751-8121/aba467.

Bulbous perennials precisely detect the length of winter and adjust flowering dates
Jánosi, I. M., Silhavy, D., Tamas, J., & Csontos, P.
New Phytologist 228 1535-1547 (2020)

Bottom-to-top decomposition of time series by smoothness-controlled cubic splines: Uncovering distinct freezing-melting dynamics between the Arctic and the Antarctic
Jánosi, I. M., Baki, A., Beims, M. W., & Gallas, J. A. C.
Physical Review Research 2 043040 (2020)

Infinite ergodic theory meets Boltzmann statistics
Aghion, E., Kessler, D. A., & Barkai, E.
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 138 109890 (2020)

Casting dissipative compact states in coherent perfect absorbers
Danieli, C., & Mithun, T.
Physical Review Research 2 013054 (2020)

Many-body flatband localization
Danieli, C., Andreanov, A., & Flach, S.
Physical Review B 102 041116 (2020)

The Emergence of Epistemic Communities in the Sphaera Corpus: Mechanisms of Knowledge Evolution
Matteo Valleriani, Florian Krutli, Maryam Zamani, Alejandro Tejedor, Christoph Sander, Malte Vogl, Sabine Bertram, Gesa Funke, Holger Kantz
Journal of Historical Network Research 3 50-91 (2019)

Apparent Violations of the second law in two-level systems
Christoph Streißnig and Holger Kantz
Phys. Rev. E 100, 052116 (2919)

Logical response induced by temperature asymmetry
Moupriya Das & Holger Kantz
Phys. Rev. E 100 032196 (2919)

A simple decomposition of European temperature variability capturing the variance from days to a decade
Philipp G. Meyer & Holger Kantz Clim Dyn 53, 6909 (2019),

Power law error growth in multi-hierarchical chaotic systems – a dynamical mechanism for finite prediction horizon
Jonathan Brisch and Holger Kantz
New J. Phys. 21 093002 (2019) doi: 10.1088/1367-2630/ab3b4c

Inferring characteristic timescales from the effect of autoregressive dynamics on detrended fluctuation analysis
Philipp G Meyer and Holger Kantz
Journal of Physics 21 033022 (2019)

Theoretical foundation of detrending methods for fluctuation analysis such as detrended fluctuation analysis and detrending moving average
Marc Höll, Ken Kiyono, and Holger Kantz
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Critical fluctuations and slowing down of chaos
Das, M., & Green, J. R
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Differences in Structure and Dynamics of Networks Retrieved From Dark and Public Web Forums
Zamani, M., Rabbani, F., Horicsányi, A., Zafeiris, A., & Vicsek, T.
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Theoretical foundation of detrending methods for fluctuation analysis such as detrended fluctuation analysis and detrending moving average
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Trifce Sandev, Alexander Schulz, Holger Kantz, Alexander Iomin
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Anomalous diffusion and the Moses effect in an aging deterministic model
Philipp G Meyer, Vidushi Adlakha, Holger Kantz and Kevin E Bassler
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Reproducing Long-Range Correlations in Global Mean Temperatures in Simple Energy Balance Models
Philipp Meyer, Marc Höll, Holger Kantz
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Mozhdeh Massah, Matthew Nicol, and Holger Kantz
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Zamani, M., Camargo-Forero, L., & Vicsek, T.
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