Quantum Many-Body Dynamics: Correlations and entanglement

Quantum Many-Body Dynamics: Correlations and entanglement

Location and time

Wednesdays 1:00-2:30 pm at MPI-PKS in seminar room SR3


Markus Heyl

David Luitz

Outline of the lecture

10.04.19Nonequilibrium dynamics in closed quantum many-body systemsMarkus HeylSR3
17.04.19Dynamics in integrable and ergodic systemsMarkus HeylSR3
24.04.19Lieb-Robinson boundsDavid LuitzSR3
08.05.19Correlation spreading and light conesDavid LuitzSR3
15.05.19Nonequilibrium transportDavid LuitzSR3
22.05.19Dies academicus: 'Mystery lecture'Markus HeylSR3
29.05.19Entanglement: foundations and dynamicsMarkus HeylSR3
12.06.19Operator spreadingDavid LuitzSR3
19.06.19Operator entanglementDavid LuitzSR3
26.06.19Out-of-time ordered correlatorsDavid LuitzSR3
03.07.19Correlations and entanglement in many-body localized systemsMarkus HeylSR3
10.07.19Accessing entanglement in experimentsMarkus HeylSR3