Giacomo Bartolucci


Giacomo Bartolucci

Predoc in the group "Mesoscopic Physics of Life"

E-Mail: bartolucci[at]pks.mpg(dot)de






Research interests

Signatures of non-equilibrium in biological systems

Statistical field theory and statistical mechanics





Since Oct 2018      Predoc in the Group "Mesoscopic Physics of Life"

2015 - 2018           Master in Theoretical and Computational Physics Trento, University of Trento and Trieste, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)

2012 - 2015           Bachelor Degree in general physics Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna (Italy)

2007 - 2013           Bachelor Degree Conservatoire of Music “G. Rossini”, Pesaro (Italy)

2007 - 2012           High School Degree Liceo Scientifico e Musicale "G. Marconi" Pesaro (Italy)




G. Bartolucci, S. Orioli and P. Facciolit (2018) Transition path theory from biased simulations, Journal of Chemical Physics 149, 072336.