Xuefeng Zhang

My research focuses on the novel phases in the strongly correlated frustrated system, especially the supersolid phase which breaks both transitional and rotational symmetries. I use the numerical methods, like the Quantum Monte Carlo simulation (such as Stochastic series expansion and worm algorithm) and Exact Diagonalization, to get highly precise results and also use analytical methods, like meanfield theory and perturbation theory, to understand the physical mechanism.

In the previous work, I studied the impurity and the three-body interactions effects on the supersolid phase, respectively, and find a better effective model to describe the supersolid in the negative t region of the Hard-Core Bose-Hubbard Model in the triangular lattice. Recently, I focus on not only the fractional charges excitation and the novel phases in the Kagome Lattice, but also the Rydberg atoms in the cavity system.

Detail in my Homepage : http://power.itp.ac.cn/~zxf/