CMD for dummies

A seminar series just for PHD students and young Postdocs

We often find ourselves sitting in a seminar and understanding nothing because it is on a topic that is not directly related to our research. This is why we want to introduce a new seminar series, aimed primarily at the PhD students and young postdocs in our division, with the aim of covering current research topics (such as quantum spin liquids, MBL, topological band theory, ...) on a general and basic level.

Each week a PhD, Postdoc, or sometimes also someone more senior, introduces a topic they know well. If you are interested to present something, or would like to a specific topic ot be covered in the series please contact us (Michael  or James).

Seminars are held in a hybrid fashion, partially in person but always also broadcasted via zoom. See the schedule for information on the room. The zoom link will be provided via the email-list and under access before the seminar.

If you want receive updates and reminders about upcoming seminars, please subscribe to our email list via The link is only available from within PKS or via VPN. If you dont have access, you can join by sending an email to the address cmd-for-dummies-join (at)

The Social Part

To foster social activities in the institute and beyond, after the seminar there is normally some social activity, that is people are going to have dinner together and/or consume some beverages. If you have suggestion or questions about this part of the seminar, do not hesitate to contact Joe.