Upcoming Seminars

If not stated otherwise, the seminars take place at 17:00 CET in seminar room 4.

Date and timeTitleSpeakerRoom
January 27, 2023Introduction to DMRGPhilippeSR4
February 3, 2023Introduction to Quantum Monte CarloPranaySR4
Febrauary 10, 2023---  
February 18, 2023t.b.a.JiangtianSR4
February 24, 2023   
March 3, 2023t.b.a.Paul McClarty 
March 10, 2023t.b.a.Paul Schindler 
March 17, 2023t.b.a.Lazaros 
March 24, 2023t.b.a.Joe 

Past Seminars

December 2, 2022, 17:00What is Quantum Chaos?Črt LozejSR4
January 13, 2023Active SystemsKartikSR4
November 11, 2022Introduction to random matrix theoryGoran NakerstSR4
November 18, 2022Classification of topological phasesKrishanu RoychowdhurySR4
November 4, 2022Measurement induced phase transitionsMichael Rampp 
October 28, 2022Quantum anomalies and Weyl semimetalsPawel Matus 
October 21, 2022Quantum Adiabatic ProjectorsBenoit Ducot (Sorbonne) 
October 11, 2022

Introduction to Non-Hermitian Topology

Emil Bergholtz (Stockholm) 
October 7, 2022Nodal Non-Hermitian Topological Band StructuresJan Budich (TU Dresden) 
September 30, 2022Divide et impera: an introduction to topological superconductivityAdipta Pal 
September 23, 2022Introduction to QED within materialsFrancesco Piazza 
September 16, 2022Introduction to integrabilityPieter Claeys 

September 2 2022

BKT transitionRuben Lier 
August 26 2022Introduction to quantum error correctionBenedikt Placke 

July 29 2022

Useful symmetries for your computer: What is nowadays possible?Robin 

July 22 2022

BCS v. BDG: How to get the ground state from excitationsAidan 

July 15 2022

Quantum spin iceChris Laumann (Boston University) 
July 8 2022Information geometry of quantum phase transitionsSayak Bhattacharjee 

June 24 2022

Mapping spins to fermions: how one gets entanglement from lossShovan 

June 17 2022

Physics in lineland: An introduction to bosonisationAdam McRoberts 

June 10 2022

Physics of the Hubbard modelAlexander Wietek 

June 3 2022

What is quantum chaos (and what not)?

Professor Dr. Klaus Richter

Universität Regensburg


May 27 2022

Introduction to lattice gauge theories in condensed matter physicsNilotpal 

May 20 2022

Fermi liquid theory IIRao 

May 13 2022

Introduction to QuSpin: bring your laptops!Marin Bukov 

May 6 2022

Landau's theory of Fermi liquidsNicoló Beato 

Apr 8 2022

Fractional quantum Hall effectMani Chandra 

Apr 1 2022

Twisted Bilayer GrapheneJihang Zhu 

Mar 18 2022

Introduction to random unitary circuitsBeatriz 

Mar 11 2022

Floquet theoryHongzheng 

Mar 4 2022

Electronic correlations (Tutorial)Prof. Peter Fulde 

Feb 25 2022

From doughnuts to cups: Topological insulators and superconductorsRafael 

Feb 18 2022

Introduction to thermalization and many-body localizationDominik 

Feb 7 2022

What is (not) a quantum spin liquid


Jan 28 2022

Spin Ice - Ising spins are still coolJonathan