Collective Dynamics of Cells

Our progress in understanding of how the genome gets activated in early zebrafish embryos is reported in the fresh eLife paper: Competition between histone and transcription factor binding regulates the onset of transcription in zebrafish embryos!

A paper on the theory of d-dimensional Lévy walks appeared in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. For more details please see: Limit theorems for Lévy walks in d dimensions: rare and bulk fluctuations.

Our paper detailing the method of computer simulations of N. gonorrhoeae bacterial colonies was published in the New Journal of Physics! See "Multiscale modeling of bacterial colonies: how pili mediate the dynamics of single cells and cellular aggregates" for details. This work was highlighted in IOP News and Sci Div Net!

Our paper on "Pulled Polymer Loops as a Model for the Alignment of Meiotic Chromosomes" by Y. T. Lin, D. Froemberg, W. Huang, P. Delivani, M. Chacón, I. M. Toli?, F. Jülicher, and V. Zaburdaev was published in PRL!

Our paper on "Pili-Induced Clustering of N. gonorrhoeae Bacteria" by J. Taktikos, Y. T. Lin, H. Stark, N. Biais, and V. Zaburdaev was published in PLoS ONE.

Our paper on "Formation and dissolution of bacterial colonies" by C.A. Weber, Y.T. Lin, N. Biais, and V. Zaburdaev was published in Phys Rev E.

Our review paper on "Lévy walks" by V. Zaburdaev, S. Denisov, and J. Klafter is published in Rev. Mod. Phys. and is now available online!

We welcome Jaeoh Shin, who is going to work on a problem of RNA polymerase dynamics as it moves along nucleosomal array. This is a collaborative project with the group of Stephan Grill at BIOTEC.

Congratulations to Stefanie for her excellently defended Master thesis on “Competition between nucleosomes and transcriptional machinery determines the timing of genome activation in the zebrafish embryo”!

This paper on "Asymptotic densities of ballistic Levy walks", by D. Froemberg, M. Schmiedeberg, E. Barkai, and V. Zaburdaev and recently was published in PRE.

Our paper on "Random walk patterns of a soil bacterium in open and confined environments" by M. Theves, J. Taktikos, V. Zaburdaev, H. Stark and C. Beta was published in EPL.

Lennart Hilbert is an ELBE Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD) . Since November 2014 he works in our group and in the group of Nadine Vastenhouw (MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics). Using a combination of theory and experiment, Lennart investigates the “Intranuclear Movement and Spatial Association of Genes in Early Zebrafish Development”.

Our paper on "Uncovering the Mechanism of Trapping and Cell Orientation during Neisseria gonorrhoeae Twitching Motility" by V. Zaburdaev, N. Biais, M. Schmiedeberg, J. Eriksson, A.-B. Jonsson, M. P. Sheetz, and D. A. Weitz was published in Biophysical Journal!

Daniel Midtvedt is our new postdoc and will work on the project with Rice beetles and intracellular transport.

Jens Karschau started to work in our group to strengthen the project on genome activation.

Stefanie Belohlavi has started her Master work on genome activation.

Our first open access paper on  How the Motility Pattern of Bacteria Affects Their Dispersal and Chemotaxis, by J. Taktikos, H. Stark, and V.Zaburdaev was published in PLoS ONE.

We have a new PhD student, Wolfram Poenisch, who joined our group in November.

Daniela Froemberg joined our group in October to work on the problem of meiotic oscillations.

Our paper A Bacterial Swimmer with Two Alternating Speeds of Propagation by M. Theves, J. Taktikos, V. Zaburdaev, H. Stark, and C. Beta was published in the Biophysical Journal.

Christoph Weber recently joined the MPI-PKS and will work with our group on the cell agglomeration project.

Our first PhD student, Wenwen Huang,  just joined the group! We hope more to follow soon.

We welcome Yen Ting Lin who just joined our group as a postdoc.

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Our paper Space-Time Velocity Correlation Function for Random Walks by Vasily Zaburdaev, Sergey Denisov, and Peter Hänggi has been published in Physical Review Letters.


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Our paper Liquid transport facilitated by channels in Bacillus subtilis biofilms by J. N. Wilking, V. Zaburdaev, M. De Volder, R. Losick, M. P. Brenner, and D. A. Weitz has been published in PNAS. It was also featured as Editors' choice in Science, and as a Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Microbiology.

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Our group is now participating in the International Max Planck Research School for Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology (IMPRS- CellDevoSys). Please see the CellDevoSys page for the information on how to apply!

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We have our first Postdoc - Johannes Taktikos! That means that the size of the group has doubled. Will try to keep this nice rate.

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We have a new paper published that explains how one can use Langevin equations to describe various regimes of anomalous superdiffusive behavior: "Langevin description of superdiffusive Levy processes" by S. Eule, V. Zaburdaev, R. Friedrich, and T. Geisel. Visit the Publications page for a link to the paper.

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It is fascinating to follow how individual cells can organize and develop complex and robust structures which are reminiscent of a living organism. Biofilms is one example of such systems. Read more on our Research page.

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Welcome to the home page of the MPI-PKS Group Collective Dynamics of Cells. We just started in Dresden and will try to update this page regularly as the group grows and develops. Comments and suggestions are welcomed (via e-mail).

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