International Workshop on Atomic Physics

End of November at mpipks:
each year different focus days with guest organizers

Extreme Atomic Systems (EAS)

Around February in Riezlern, co-organized with Andreas Buchleitner, Freiburg and Thomas Pfeifer, Heidelberg:
in the midst of the mountains at the German-Austrian border members from reserach groups mainly originating in Austria, Germany and Switzerland exchange their recent ideas

International Workshop on Atomic Physics: Topics of Focus Days



guest organizer(s)
2023Research Highlights in the Eyes of EditorsThomas Pattard
2022Laser pulse induced dynamics in extended systemsUlf Saalmann, Matthew Eiles, Alex Eisfeld
2019Ultrafast chirality and topology of light and matterOlga Smirnova
2018Trajectories in AMOP PhysicsSergei Popruzhenko
2017Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)Tilman Pfau
2016Attosecond phenomena in condensed matter and nanostructuresAlexandra Landsman
2015Distant particle interactionsAlex Kuleff, Alex Eisfeld
2014Slow electrons and short light pulsesThomas Pfeifer
2013Quantum dynamics in tailored intense fieldsManfred Lein, Uwe Morgner
2012Quantum electronics and quantum optics with x-raysNina Rohringer
2011Quantum AggregatesAlex Eisfeld
2010Quantum Dynamics of Molecular MotionKlaus Hornberger
2009Ultra-fast dynamics in finite atomic and molecular systems probed with novel light sourcesFernando Martin, Ulf Saalmann
2008Quantum dynamics of atoms and molecules in complex environmentsWalter Strunz
2007Rydberg DynamicsPierre Pillet, Matthias Weidemüller
2006Relativistic Laser-Matter InteractionMichael Geisler, Roland Sauerbrey
2005Electronic correlation in atomic and molecular dynamicsStephan Kümmel, Manfred Lein
2004Nonequilibrium Processes in Atomic ClustersUlf Saalmann
2003Nonlinear Phenomena in Quantum Degenerate GasesJoachim Brand
2002Intense field interaction: beyond atomsAndreas Becker
2001X-ray Free Electron Laser Related DynamicsJan M Rost
2000Dynamical Approaches in Atomic and Cluster PhysicsP-G Reinhard


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