(most of us moved to TUM)

Frank Pollmann (group leader). My research interests are in theoretical condensed matter physics and in particular in systems with strongly correlated electrons. My current research activities focus on topological phases of matter, fractionalization on geometrically frustrated lattices, and the applications of quantum information concepts to quantum many-body systems.

Xuefeng Zhang  (Postdoc). My research focuses on the novel phases in the strongly correlated frustrated system, especially the supersolid phase which breaks both transitional and rotational symmetries.

Giuseppe De Tomasi (PhD student). I am interested in many-body localization.

Johannes Hauschild (PhD student). I am interested in the dynamics of many-body systems.

Ruben Verresen (PhD Student). I am interested in entanglement, particularly its emergent properties in topological quantum matter. I like to use both analytic and numerical methods.

Former Members

Aroon O’Brien - The University of Sydney
Luis Seabra - Technion, Haifa
Shijie Hu - Universität Kaiserslautern
Jonas Kjäll - Stockholm University
Ching-Yu Huang - Stony Brook University
Rajeev Singh - Bar-Ilan University
Krishanu Roy Chowdhury - Cornell University
Adolfo Grushin - University of California, Berkeley
Yin-Chen He - Harvard
Jean-Marie Stéphan - Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon
Siddhardh Morampudi - Boston University
Johannes Motruk - University California, Berkeley
Yohei Fuji - Riken