Diploma/Master and PhD theses





Igor Gianardi
(PhD supervision since 2023)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Francesco Piazza/Jan M Rost
Milena Simic
(PhD supervision since 2022)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Matthew Eiles/Jan M Rost
Arkajyoti Maity
(PhD supervision since 2022)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Ulf Saalmann/Jan M Rost
Joppe Widstam
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Ulf Saalmann/Jan M Rost
Neethu Abraham
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Matthew Eiles/Jan M Rost
Aileen Durst
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Matthew Eiles/Jan M Rost
Adisorn Panasawatwong
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Ulf Saalmann/Jan M Rost
Jinbin Li
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Alex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost
Mishra Aritra
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Alex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost

Siddhartha Poddar
(PhD supervision since 2021)

[xx.xMB, pdf] Jan M Rost
Juan Carlos Acosta Matos
(PhD supervision since 2021)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Jan M Rost
Juan Nicolas Moreno Tarquino
(PhD supervision since 2019)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Alex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost
Benjamin Rabe 
(PhD supervision since 2019)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Jan M Rost/Frank Grossmann
Rajat Agrawal 
(PhD supervision since 2019)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Jan M Rost
Sidhartha Nayak 
(PhD supervision since 2019)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Alex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost
Sajjad Azizi 
(PhD supervision since 2019)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Ulf Saalmann/Jan M Rost
Christian Johansen
(PhD TU Dresden, 2023)
[11.1MB, pdf]Theory of interacting polaritons under drive and dissipationFrancesco Piazza/Jan M Rost
Mohammad Reza Eidi 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2022)
[19.4MB, pdf]Basis sets for light-matter interaction: From static coherent states to moving GaussiansJan M Rost
Soumi Dutta 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2021)
 Dynamics of electrons in strong laser pulses: A classical and semiclassical treatmentUlf Saalmann/Jan M Rost
Ghassan Abumwis 
(PhD supervision since 2017)
[xx.xMB, pdf] Alex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost
Lisa Ortmann 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2019)
[17.9MB, pdf]Trajectory-based analyses of ultrafast strong field phenomena Alexandra Landsman/Jan M Rost
Koen van Kruining 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2018)
[5.0MB, pdf]Spin and helicity in structured waves for light and electronsJörg Götte/Jan M Rost
Sebastian Gemsheim 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2023)
[xx.xMB, pdf]The emergence of time with interactions in quantum and classical mechanicsJan M Rost
Sebastian Gemsheim 
(Master TU Dresden, 2018)
[13.1MB, pdf]High Harmonic Generation with Twisted Electrons Jan M Rost
Panpan Zhang (PhD TU Dresden, 2018) The hierarchy of pure states for calculating transport and optical properties of molecular aggregatesA. Eisfeld / Jan M Rost
Mehrdad Baghery 
(PhD TU Dresden, 2017)
[3.8MB, pdf]Dynamics of rare gas clusters under intense light pulsesJan M Rost/Ulf Saalman

Wildam Abdussalam (PhD TU Dresden, 2017)

[4.6MB, pdf]Dynamics of Rydberg atom lattices in the presence of noise and dissipationPohl / Jan M Rost
Karsten Leonhardt
(PhD TU Dresden, 2016)
[12.6MB, pdf]Interplay of excitation transport and atomic motion in flexible Rydberg aggregatesJan M Rost
Abraham Camacho Garibay
(PhD TU Dresden, 2016)
[57.5MB, pdf]Dynamics of Highly Charged Finite Systems Induced by Intense X-ray PulsesJan M Rost/Ulf Saalmann
Elias Diesen
(PhD TU Dresden, 2016)
[36.6MB, pdf]Low-Energy Electrons in Strong-Field IonizationJan M Rost/Ulf Saalmann
Martin Winter
(PhD TU Dresden, 2015)
 Streubilder zufällig orientierter Moleküle: Rekonstruktion und KlassifikationJan M Rost/Ulf Saalmann
Sajal Kumar Giri
(PhD supervision since 2015)
 Strong field physics with ultrashort pulsesJan M Rost
Andreas Rubisch
(PhD supervision since 2015)
 Quanteneffekte von Licht-Materie Kopplung in endlichen SystemenJan M Rost
David Walther Schönleber (PhD supervision since 2014) Controlling system dynamics through reservoir engineeringAlex Eisfeld/Jan M Rost
Pierfrancesco DiCintio
(PhD TU Dresden, 2014)
[16.4MB, pdf]Dynamics of heterogeneous clusters under intense laser fieldsJan M Rost/Ulf Saalman
Qicheng Ning
(PhD supervision since 2014)
 Hybrid quantum-classical approach to many-electron systemsJan M Rost
Gerhard Ritschel (PhD TU Dresden, 2014) Energietransfer und Absoption molekularer Aggregate bei endlicher TemperaturA. Eisfeld / Jan M Rost
Georg Bannasch
(PhD TU Dresden, 2013)
[9.9MB, pdf]Relaxationsprozesse in stark gekoppelten ultrakalten PlasmenJan M Rost
Carlos Zagoya Montiel (PhD TU Dresden, 2013) Semiclassical description of quantum inference in nonlinear dynamicsJan M Rost / Frank Grossmann
Christian Köhler (PhD TU Dresden, 2012)[2,8MB, pdf]Ultrashort light sources from high intensity laser-matter interactionS. Skupin / Jan M Rost
Adrian Sanz Mora
(PhD TU Dresden, 2018)
[12,5MB, pdf]Interfacing miniature mechanical resonators with excited atomsJan M Rost
Jan Roden
(PhD TU Dresden, 2011)
[7.9MB, pdf]Lichtabsorption und Energietransfer in molekularen AggregatenJan M Rost
Martin Gerlach
(Diploma TU Dresden, 2011)
 Hamiltonians dominanter WechselwirkungJan M Rost

Nils Henkel (PhD TU Dresden, 2011)

[12,8MB, pdf]Rydberg-dressed Bose-Einstein condensatesPohl / Jan M Rost
Christian Gnodtke
(PhD TU Dresden, 2010)
[11.2MB, pdf]Dynamik endlicher Vielteilchen-Systeme in intensiven Röntgen-laserpulsenJan M Rost
Alexander Croy
(PhD TU Dresden, 2010)
[2.6MB, pdf]Zeitaufgelöster Elektronentransport in QuantendotsystemenJan M Rost
Jan Handt (PhD TU Dresden, 2010)[8,4MB, pdf]Ab-Initio molecular dynamics studies of laser- and collision-induced processes in multielectron diatomics, organic molecules and fullerenesA. Eisfeld / Jan M Rost
Cenap Ates
(PhD TU Dresden, 2009)
[2.4MB, pdf]Anregungsdynamik ultrakalter RydberggaseJan M Rost
Ivan Chen-Hsiu Liu
(PhD TU Dresden, 2008)
[3MB, pdf]Ultracold Rydberg atoms in structured and disordered environmentsJan M Rost
Ionut Georgescu
(PhD TU Dresden, 2008)
[4.2MB, pdf]Rare gas clusters in intense VUV laser fieldsJan M Rost
Olaf Uhden
(Diploma, TU Dresden, 2008)
[1.6MB, pdf]Interferenz in Wellenpaketen in periodischen StrukturenJan M Rost
Silvio Baier
(PhD Uni Bielefeld, 2008)
[8.8MB, pdf]Numerische Simulationen zur Einfach- und Doppelionisation von H2 in kurzen intensiven LaserpulsenAndreas Becker
Arvid Requate
(PhD Uni Bielefeld, 2007)
[1.8MB, pdf]S-matrix analysis of vibrational and alignment effects in intense-field multiphoton ionization of moleculesAndreas Becker
Ranaul Islam
(PhD TU Dresden, 2007)
 Noble-gas atomic clusters illuminated by intense femtosecond laser pulsesJan M Rost
Thomas Pohl
(PhD TU Dresden, 2005)
[5.1MB, pdf]Relaxationsdynamik ultrakalter PlasmenJan M Rost
Javier Madronero
(PhD LMU München, 2004)
[4.0MB, pdf]Spectral Properties of Planar Helium under Periodic DrivingAndreas Buchleitner
Florian Mintert
(PhD LMU München, 2004)
[1.0MB, pdf]Measures and Dynamics of Entangled StatesAndreas Buchleitner
Ivo Häring
(PhD TU Dresden, 2004)
[7.6MB, pdf]Atomic scattering from Bose-Einstein condensatesJan M Rost
Sandro Wimberger
(PhD LMU München, 2004)
[9.7MB, pdf]Chaos and Localization: Quantum Transport in Periodically Driven Atomic SystemsAndreas Buchleitner
Christian Siedschlag
(PhD TU Dresden, 2002)
[1.6MB, pdf]Mechanismen der Ionisation atomarer Systeme in intensiven LaserpulsenJan M Rost
Thomas Wellens
(PhD LMU München, 2002)
[1.6MB, pdf]Entanglement and Control of Quantum StatesAndreas Buchleitner
Tobias Schneider
(PhD TU Dresden, 2002)
[3.4MB, pdf]Zur Photoionisation einfacher Atome - quantenmechanische und klassische ZugängeJan M Rost
Tihamér Geyer
(PhD Uni Freiburg, 2000)
[3.1MB, ps]Quasiklassischer Ansatz für volldifferentielle IonisationsquerschnitteJan M Rost
Gerd van de Sand
(PhD Uni Freiburg, 1999)
[2.4MB, ps]Semiklassische Dynamik in starken LaserfeldernJan M Rost

Thomas Pattard
(PhD Uni Freiburg, 1998)

[1.4MB, ps]Klassische Mechanik und Fragmentationsprozesse in atomaren und molekularen SystemenJan M Rost
Christian Siedschlag
(Diploma, Uni Freiburg 1998)
[840KB, ps]Semiklassische Streudynamik und TransferoperatorenJan M Rost
Olaf Frank
(PhD Uni Freiburg, 1997)
[860KB, ps]Photoionisation von ClusternJan M Rost

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