TopoPhys, SS 13

“Topology and new kinds of order in condensed matter physics”, Summer 2013


Thursdays, 4:40PM-6:10PM, Seminar room 1, MPIPKS


Roderich Moessner [moessner(at)]
Frank Pollmann [frankp(at)]



  1. Landau-theory of symmetry breaking
  2. Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions

Quantum-Hall effect:

  1. Integer quantum Hall effect
  2. Fractional quantum Hall effect

Topological Insulators and superconductors:

  1. 1D Majorana chains
  2. Quantum Hall without magnetic field (Haldane model)
  3. 2D quantum topological Hall insulator
  4. 3D quantum topological Hall insulator
  5. Experimental signatures

Topological order and fractionalization:

  1. 1D Polyacetylene
  2. Topological spin liquids
  3. Exactly solvable models: toric code
  4. Gauge theories and string net models
  5. Anyons and topological quantum computing

No lectures on May 9 (Ascension Day), May 23 (Pentecost holidays)


Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems, X.-G. Wen, Oxford Graduate Text
Lecture notes by John Preskill:
Lecture notes by Alexei Kitaev and Chris Laumann:
Review article by Chetan Nayak et al.: