CompPhys, SS 14

“Computational Many Body Physics”, Summer 2014


Wednesday, 4:40PM-6:10PM, Seminar room 1, MPIPKS


Jens Bardarson [jensba(at)]
Frank Pollmann [frankp(at)]



Classical Monte Carlo simulations  (

  1. Metropolis algorithm
  2. Critical slowing down: Cluster and loops algorithm
  3. Finite size scaling analysis

Exact diagonalization

  1. Construction of the Hamiltonian  (
  2. Conservation of momentum (
  3. Sparse matrices and the Lanczos method
  4. Evaluation of dynamical properties  (

Many body entanglement

  1. Area law
  2. Scaling in critical systems

Matrix product states

  1. AKLT
  2. Canonical form
  3. Algorithms (

Tensor product states

  1. Tensor Renormalization (
  2. Boundary theories

Quantum Monte Carlo methods

  1. Green Function Monte Carlo
  2. Stochastic Series Expansion (


Lecture Notes by Anders W. Sandvik,
Review on DMRG by Ulrich Schollwoeck,

(Disclaimer: The codes available for download are meant for playing around with the different methods. Most examples are not super efficient and might contain serious bugs.)