Research summary

General topic.— Our research area lies at the border between condensed matter and quantum optics and deals with quantum many-body open systems.

Systems.— Our investigations are strongly related to ongoing experiments in hybrid light-matter systems. So far the focus has been mainly on neutral atoms coupled to nanophotonics structures like optical waveguides or cavities, allowing to enhance and control light-matter interactions. Ongoing research also involves exciton polaritons in semiconductors coupled to microcavities.

Approach.— We develop non-equilibrium field-theoretical approaches tailored for the study of many-body phenomena in the above open quantum systems. These approaches are novel in the context of quantum optics and non-trivially extend methods typically used in condensed matter.

Goals.— We are interested in fundamental theoretical problems in many-body physics like collective phenomena and non-equilibrium phases. However, since our techniques are quantitatively reliable, we also concretely investigate hybrid light-matter devices for quantum technologies, so far in the context ultraprecise metrology/sensing, with ongoing efforts in quantum nonlinear photon devices.


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