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S. Patalano*†, A. Alsina*, C. Gregorio-Rodríguez, M. Bachman, S. Dreier, I. Hernando-Herraez, P. Nana, S. Balasubramanian, S. Sumner, W. Reik†, S. Rulands†,
Self-organisation of specialisation and plasticity in a primitively social insect,
Cell Systems, in press (2022)

V. A. van der Weijden, M. Stoetzel, B. Fauler, D. P. Iyer, M. Shahraz, D. Meierhofer, S. Rulands, T. Alexandrov, T. Mielke, A. Bulut-Karslioglu,
Metabolic enhancement of mammalian developmental pausing,
Preprint: 2022.08.22.504730


I. Dereli, M. Stanzione, F. Olmeda, F. Papanikos, M. Baumann, S. Demir, F. Carofiglio, J. Lange, B. de Massy, W. M. Baarends, J. Turner, S. Rulands, A. Tóth,
Four-pronged negative feedback of DSB machinery in meiotic DNA-break control in mice,
Nucleid Acids Research 49(5), 2609–2628 (2021)

F. Olmeda, T. Lohoff, S. J. Clark, L. Benson, F. Krüger, W. Reik†, S. Rulands†,
Inference of emergent spatio-temporal processes from single-cell sequencing reveals feedback between de novo DNA methylation and chromatin condensates,
Preprint: biorxiv:2020.12.30.424823


A. Perry, S. Rulands, W. Reik,
Active turnover of DNA methylation during cell fate decisions,
Nature Reviews Genetics (2020)

E. Than-Trong, B. Kiani, N. Dray, S. Ortica, B. D. Simons, S. Rulands, A. Alunni, L. Bally-Cuif,
Lineage hierarchies and stochasticity ensure the long-term maintenance of adult neural stem cells,
Science Advances 6, 18 (2020)
Preprint: biorxiv:663922

C. Lange, F. Rost, A. Machate, S. Reinhardt, M. Lesche, A. Weber, V. Kuscha, A. Dahl, S. Rulands, M. Brand,
Single cell sequencing of radial glia progeny reveals diversity of newborn neurons in the adult zebrafish brain,
Development, dev.185595 (2020)
CRTD press release: "Census" in the zebrafish's brain - Dresden scientists explore newborn, regenerated neurons


F. Segovia-Miranda, H. Morales-Navarrete, M. Kücken, V. Moser, S. Seifert, U. Repnik, F. Rost, M. Brosch, A. Hendricks, S. Hinz, C. Röcken, D. Lütjohann, Y Kalaidzidis, C. Schafmayer, L. Brusch, J. Hampe, M. Zerial,
Three-dimensional spatially resolved geometrical and functional models of human liver tissue reveal new aspects of NAFLD progression,
Nature Medicine 25, 1885–1893 (2019)

F. Olmeda, M. Ben-Amar,
Clonal pattern dynamics in tumor,
Scientific Reports 9, 15607 (2019)

N. Prior, C. J. Hindley, F. Rost, E. Melendez Esteban, W. W. Y. Lau, B. Gottgens, S. Rulands, B. D. Simons, M. Huch,
Lgr5+ stem/progenitor cells reside at the apex of the embryonic hepatoblast pool,
Development, dev.174557 (2019)
Preprint: biorxiv:485870


S. Rulands, A. B. Iglesias Gonzalez, H. Boije,
Deterministic fate assignment of Müller glia cells in the zebrafish retina suggest a clonal backbone during development,
European Journal of Neuroscience 48(12), 3597-3605 (2018)

R. Azzarelli, S. Rulands, S. Nestorowa, J. Davies, S. Campinoti, S. Gillotin, P. Bonfanti, B. Göttgens, M. Huch, B. D. Simons and A. Philpott,
Neurogenin3 phosphorylation controls reprogramming efficiency of pancreatic ductal organoids into endocrine cells
Scientific Reports 8, 15374 (2018)

M. K. Sznurkowska, E. Hannezo, R. Azzarelli, S. Rulands, S. Nestorowa, C. J. Hindley, J. Nichols, B. Göttgens, M. Huch, A. Philpott, B. D. Simons,
Defining lineage potential and fate behavior of precursors during pancreas development,
Developmental Cell 46(3), 360-375 (2018)

S. Rulands*†, H. J. Lee*†, S. J. Clark, C. Angermueller, S. A. Smallwood, F. Krueger, H. Mohammed, W. Dean, J. Nichols, P. Rugg-Gunn, G. Kelsey, O. Stegle, B. D. Simons†, W. Reik†,
Genome-scale oscillations in DNA methylation during exit from pluripotency,
Cell Systems 7(1), 63-76.E12 (2018)
Preprint on biorxiv: doi:
Press release: Even stem cells have their ups and downs

A. M. Lilja*, V. Rodilla*, M. Huyghe, E. Hannezo, C. Landragin, O. Renaud, O. Leroy, S. Rulands, B. D. Simons, and S. Fre,
Clonal analysis of Notch1 cells reveals the existence of unipotent stem cells that retain long-term plasticity in the embryonic mammary gland,
Nature Cell Biology 20, 677-687 (2018)
Commentary: Mammary lineage restriction in development

S. Rulands†, F. Lescroart, S. Chabab, C. J. Hindley, N. Prior, M. K. Sznurkowska, M. Huch, A. Philpott, C. Blanpain, B. D. Simons†,
Universality of clone dynamics during tissue development,
Nature Physics 14, 469-474 (2018)
Cover Image
Gurdon Institute news item
Center for Systems Biology news item
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems news item 
Commentary: Sensing and making sense of clonal fragmentation in developing tissues

M. T. Tierney, M. J. Stec, S. Rulands, B.D. Simons, A. Sacco,
Distinct coordination of muscle stem cell dynamics in response to homeostatic aging and tissue repair,
Cell Stem Cell 22(1), p109-127.e3 (2018)
Press release


S. Rulands and B. D. Simons,
Emergence and Universality in the regulation of cell fate,
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 5, 57-62 (2017)

R. Azzarelli, C. Hurley, M. K. Sznurkowska, S. Rulands, L. Hardwick, I. Gamper, F. Ali, L. McCracken, C. Hindley, F. McDuff, S. Nestorowa, R. Kemp, K. Jones, B. Göttgens, M. Huch, G. Evan, B. D. Simons, D. Winton, A. Philpott, 
Multi-site Neurogenin3 phosphorylation controls pancreatic endocrine differentiation,
Developmental Cell 41(3), 274-286.e5 (2017)

M. Aragona*, S. Dekoninck*, S. Rulands, S. Lenglez, G. Mascré, B. D. Simons, C. Blanpain, 
Uncoupling stem cell proliferation, differentiation and migration during wound healing,
Nature Communications, 14684 (2017)
Press release: Wound healing: the stem cell dynamics


S. Rulands, B. D. Simons,
Tracing cellular dynamics in tissue development, maintenance and disease,
Current Opinion in Cell Biology 43, 38–45 (2016)

A. Wuidart*, M. Ousset*, S. Rulands, B. D. Simons, A. Van Keymeulen, C. Blanpain,
Quantitative lineage tracing strategies to resolve multipotency in tissue specific stem cells,
Genes and Development 30, 1261-1277 (2016)

Y. Wan, A. D. Almeida, S. Rulands, N. Chalour, L. Muresan, Y. Wu, B. D. Simons, J. He, W. A. Harris,
The ciliary marginal zone of the zebrafish retina: clonal and time-lapse analysis of a continuously growing tissue,
Development, 0950-1991 (2016)

S. Chabab*, F. Lescroart*, S. Rulands*, N. Mathiah, B. D. Simons, C. Blanpain
Uncovering the number and clonal dynamics of Mesp1 progenitors during heart morphogenesis,
Cell Reports 14(1), 1-10 (2016) 


H. Boije, S. Rulands, S. Dudczig, B. D. Simons, W. A. Harris
The independent probabilistic firing of transcription factors: A paradigm for clonal variability in the zebrafish retina,
Developmental Cell, 34(5), 532–543 (2015)

J. K. Watson, S. Rulands, A. C. Wilkinson, A. Wuidart, M. Ousset, A. Van Keymeulen, B. Göttgens, C. Blanpain, B. D. Simons, E. L. Rawlins
Clonal dynamics reveal two distinct populations of basal cells in slow turnover airway epithelium,
Cell Reports, 12(1), 90-101 (2015).
Gurdon Institute news item


F. Lescroart, S. Chabab, X. Lin, S. Rulands, C. Paulissen, A. Rodolosse, H. Auer, Y. Achouri, C. Dubois, A. Bondue, B. D. Simons, C. Blanpain,
Early lineage restriction in temporally distinct populations of Mesp1 progenitors during mammalian heart development,
Nature Cell Biology 16, 829-840 (2014).

S. Rulands, D. Jahn, E. Frey,
Specialization and bet hedging in heterogeneous populations,
Physical Review Letters 113, 108102 (2014). [arxiv:1408.4912]

M. Reiter*, S. Rulands*, E. Frey,
Range expansion of heterogeneous populations,
Physical Review Letters 112, 148103 (2014). [arxiv:1403.6333]
LMU press release (German), 
NIM press release


S. Rulands, A. Zielinski, E. Frey,
Global attractors and extinction dynamics of cyclically competing species,
Physical Review E 87, 052710 (2013). [arxiv:1305.0119]

S. Rulands, B. Klünder, E. Frey,
Stability of localized wave fronts in bistable systems,
Physical Review Letters 110, 038102 (2013). [arxiv:1212.1036]
LMU press release


S. Rulands, T. Reichenbach, Erwin Frey,
Three-fold way to extinction in populations of cyclically competing species,
Journal of Statistical Mechanics L01003 (2011). [arXiv:1005.5704]

* denotes equal contributions.
† denotes joint corresponding authors.


  • S. Rulands
    Heterogeneity and spatial correlations in stochastic many-particle systems.
    From embryogenesis to evolution.
    PhD Thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (2013)
    Advisor: Prof. Erwin Frey
  • S. Rulands
    Statistics of rare events in reaction-diffusion systems
    Diploma Thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (2009)
    Advisor: Prof. Erwin Frey