2D Levy walks

2D Levy walks

Our paper on two-dimensional Lévy walks was published in PRL:

Superdiffusive Dispersals Impart the Geometry of Underlying Random Walks

by Vasily Zaburdaev, Itzhak Fouxoun, Sergey Denisov, and Eli Barkai


It is recognized now that a variety of real-life phenomena ranging from diffusion of cold atoms to the motion of humans exhibit dispersal faster than normal diffusion. Lévy walks is a model that excelled in describing such superdiffusive behaviors albeit in one dimension. Here we show that, in contrast to standard random walks, the microscopic geometry of planar superdiffusive Lévy walks is imprinted in the asymptotic distribution of the walkers. The geometry of the underlying walk can be inferred from trajectories of the walkers by calculating the analogue of the Pearson coefficient.

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(January 9, 2017)