Joint Virtual PKS/ICTP Seminar

Joint virtual PKS/ICTP seminar

4 May 2020 14:00 - 15:30 CEST

Joint seminar and discussions organized for and by members of PKS and ICTP.


Marcello Dalmonte (ICTP)

Markus Heyl (PKS)

Scientific program


Michael Knap (TU Munich)

Anomalous Diffusion in Dipole Conserving Systems

The presence of global conserved quantities in interacting
many-body systems generically leads to diffusive transport at late
times. Here we show that this general principle is substantially
modified in systems that conserve in addition the dipole moment of an
associated global charge, in that transport becomes subdiffusive
instead. Such dipole conserving systems are relevant for fracton phases
of quantum matter, that are characterized by excitations with restricted
mobility. Modeling the time evolution of dipole conserving systems, and
higher moment generalizations thereof, as cellular automata, we
numerically find distinct anomalous exponents of the late time
relaxation. We explain these findings by analytically constructing a
general hydrodynamic model, yielding an accurate description of the
scaling form of charge correlation functions. We will furthermore analyze
the spatial profile of the correlations and discuss experimentally
relevant signatures of such higher-moment conservation.


Alessandro Silva (SISSA Trieste)

Dynamics and scrambling in systems with long range interactions

I will describe recent progress on the dynamics of spin systems with long range interactions, representative of experiments in ion traps. In particular, I will focus on the dynamics of kinks and on that of scrambling as characterized by the otoc, paying attention to the connection between quantum and classical dynamics in this context.


Guided discussions in breakout rooms

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