Quantum simulators WS 18/19

Quantum simulators: a theory perspective onto experimental platforms and prospects

Location and time

Wednesdays 4:40-6:10 pm at MPI-PKS in seminar room SR3


André Eckardt

Markus Heyl

Outline of the lecture

10.10.18Introduction+Quantum gasesAndré EckardtSR3
17.10.18Quantum gasesAndré EckardtSR3
24.10.18Quantum gasesAndré EckardtSR3
14.11.18Rydberg atomsMarkus HeylSR3
28.11.18Superconducting qubitsMarkus HeylSR3
5.12.18Floquet engineeringAndré EckardtSR3
12.12.18Mechanical metamaterialsAndré EckardtSR4
19.12.18Trapped ionsMarkus HeylSR3
16.1.19Digital quantum simulationMarkus HeylSR3
23.1.19Digital quantum simulationMarkus HeylSR3