QuantumDynamics WS 17/18

Many-body quantum dynamics in and out of equilibrium: from thermalization to new types of order

Location and time

Thursdays 4:40-6:10 pm at MPIPKS


Andre Eckardt

Markus Heyl

Roderich Moessner

Outline of the lecture

12.10.2017Roderich MoessnerSR 1+2Statistical physics, thermodynamics, and thermalization
19.10.Markus HeylSR 4Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis (ETH): a modern approach to the foundations of statistical physics
26.10.Markus HeylSR 1+2Integrable systems: Absense of thermalization and generalized Gibbs ensembles
2.11.Andre EckardtSR 1+2Anderson localization: particles in random potentials
9.11.Andre EckardtSR 1+2Anderson localization
16.11.Markus HeylSR 1+2Many-body localization (MBL): interacting particles in random potentials
23.11.Markus HeylSR 1+2Many-body localization
30.11.Markus HeylSR 4Eigenstate order: new kinds of phases beyond thermodynamics
7.12.Andre EckardtSR 1+2Floquet theory for periodically driven systems
14.12.Andre EckardtSR 4Floquet topological insulators: new phases in periodically driven systems
11.1.Andre EckardtSR 1+2Floquet topological insulators
18.1.Roderich MoessnerSR 1+2Floquet ETH
25.1.Roderich MoessnerSR 1+2Floquet MBL and eigenstate order
1.2.Roderich MoessnerSR 1+2Floquet time crystals